Can Toa become more powerful or just more efficient?

It was said that “Lhikan was worth six Toa in battle” in Birth of a Dark Hunter.

In Dwellers in Darkness Ch2 Helryx was able to suspend a tidal wave “hundreds of feet” high, big enough to “swamp the entire Dark Hunter fleet” as a threat. She then let it start to fall before catching it again, casually had a conversation with the Shadowed One (whilst showing no sign of exertion) and must have then (off-screen) brought the wave down in a controlled way so as to not swamp the entire fleet.

In my opinion, this is probably the single most impressive use of Elemental Power in all of Bionicle, worthy of the first Toa or a Toa Nuva. Indeed, we’ve seen other Toa struggle with much less.


1. Do Toa actually develop more powerful elemental powers with training in terms of raw power, or do they just get better/more efficient at using the power they do have?

2. If they can become more powerful, what sorts of limits are there? Could a regular Toa develop Elemental Powers greater than a baseline Toa Nuva with enough training?

3. Can Helryx outperform Gali Nuva in some regards due to her skill and experience, even though her power level is still that of a regular Toa? I’m sure she could teach her a lot regardless.

4. In terms of this skill/experience/efficiency with Elemental Power, how would you rank the following (completely ignoring Kanohi). When addressing Toa teams, consider the average skill level of their members:

a) Toa Nuva just before Tahu got reverted to his Mata form by the Ignika

b) Toa Metru just before becoming Turaga

c) Toa Mahri currently

d) Takanuva currently

e) Toa Lhikan at his best

f) Helryx currently

g) Toa Hagah currently