Can you name my new moc?

So backstory, he was a Okotoan trying to overthrow Makuta as he treated people unfairly so he tried killing him and getting out of power using politics but neither worked so he gave up. Soon after when he was walking he came across a mask at the center of the island. After putting it on he went through a strange transformation which made him powerful. Unfortunately the overwhelming brain waves sent him into a deep sleep. He awoke centuries later to find the toa had come and help them on their journey`s.

I haven`t thought of a name so could you please suggest one


Call him C-drik, the white Ninja.

Lork, the master of anonymity.

Call him: Raziel, Angel of Mysteries


Khom Ronax or Chom Ronax.

The name Akrath seems cool to me.

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i think it`s between Raziel, angel of mysteries or Akrath but thanks for your suggestions


Cool Moc, but the background is really distracting. try getting a bed sheet or blanket and putting it up behind the Moc when you take pictures

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The MoC itself is uninteresting. Akrath seems like the best option to me.

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It’s a bit basic, but it has an interesting use of the armor piece as the face

thank you what name do u think i should choose

Call him John Cena.

Seriously though, maybe something like Kion.


What about… Mynewmoc?