(Canon Contest #1: The First) Toa Helryx, by Minirigby

Here’s my entry for the Toa Helryx canon contest:

For this design I decided to lean into the frail and mata-like aspects of Helryx’s described appearance. As for weapons, I couldn’t think of a good design for her mace and shield, but didn’t want to leave her with nothing either, so I chose to go with a simple mace design and leave the shield up to your imagination. This means my MOC here is intended to have a shield, but does not have it currently equipped. I should also mention that parts of this design, mainly the legs, were directly inspired by TheUnderscoredDouble’s version of Helryx, on his advice and with his permission.

Here’s a link to the Imgur album with the required 4 photos + 3 breakdown photos: https://imgur.com/a/fYjGCwq

No custom or painted parts were used in this moc. Although the mask this entry wears doesn’t matter given how the Kanohi portion of the contest will be handled, and is therefore placeholder and not really meant to be a Hau, I thought it was a good idea to use here just for showing off the model. Given that the Hau, the mask of Shielding, is the symbol of Mata Nui, it made sense to use it symbolically on Helryx, the First Toa and shield of the Matoran, and leader of the Order of Mata Nui.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post if you’ve made it to the end, and please be sure to check out my Tumblr page where I will be posting a new short story within the next week or so featuring Helryx in a small portion of it. https://minirigby.tumblr.com/


I really dig your design! While it’s not how I initially envisioned Helyrx, I do think that it feels very appropriate to canon and would love to see this enshrined in canon.


I really like this one it very much fit’s the aestetic of the earlier years of Bionicle.


This looks SO MUCH like double’s moc.


You shouldn’t be surprised

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Whoops, I should read the topic more before I post

How ironic, that this moc looks more similar to the artwork than the actual moc lol, I mean based on the drawning’s proportions and neck placement this build is more correct than the inspirational model.

This looks like Double’s MOC, but good.