Canon Contest, but for locations?

Hi all, I’m really intrigued by the character canonization contest going on. I feel like it does a good job bringing the characters I met more than 10 years ago to life. What everyone think about doing something similar but for settings? I’d love for places like Xia, Artakha (the Island), the Order’s base on Daxia, Odina, heck even the Core Processor brought to life. I also think a concept of New Atero, where Agori and Matoran live side-by-side, would be awesome.

I know that Xia, Artakha, Daxia and Odina have canon pictures, but they’re very barebones. They certainly set the stage for further interpretation, however.


I certainly wouldn’t complain if this happened, but I’m not sure how something like this would work. What new information would you be hoping to get from these contests? After all, so many of these locations already have canon images.

That being said, there’s still one really interesting option here:

It’s one of the few locations in Bionicle that has absolutely no official artwork of any kind, and it’s a small, specific enough location that it could be captured in its entirely in a single image. Plus, it played host to some extremely important confrontations in the later story.

Heck, every single character from these first four Canon Contests visited the Core Processor at some point; it’s entirely possible that we could get the Core Processor Room as a background in either the Hagah Contest or the Tuyet Contest. (Unless there’s some rule against the canon artwork showing the characters in a specific scene, or preventing the scene from being canonically recognized?)


Absolutely Not, we are already trampling over to many headcanons already and its only been 2.5 contests out of 12 so far

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At the rate that we are going, let’s not burden TTV with any more contests until they’ve done the ones they said they are going to do.


eh, seems unnecessary to me. For one, as Jerminator said, most of those places already have canon appearances.

Also, while I’m in support of the canon contests (for the most part), I do sorta agree with what Tarkur said. We don’t need an image for every single little part of the lore, and some things are better off left to the imagination.


I was thinking that this contest would largely involve snapshots. A lot of it is for atmosphere and worldbuilding. The thing is that the canon images of certain locations, such as the Order base on Daxia or Xia, are very limited in scope. On the BS01 page for Daxia it shows the Av-Matoran/Bohrok statue and a small aerial map–which is enough to set some general atmosphere but still a lot open.

Helryx states that “Over the millenia, our fortress has been upgraded to feature the very latest technology and weaponry. […] An attempt at invasion would be met with devastating power, sufficient to destroy the island and everything on it.”

Like there’s a lot to work with there.