Can't edit post

For one of my topics, the button to edit the post is missing. It’s been this way for over a month now. Is there a way to fix it?

wish i knew how to help you but this has never happened to me, sorry

After a certain amount of time, you can no longer edit old posts or topics.


How old is it? When did you notice the probelm?

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If you could link the post you are reffering to it would help us a lot to identify the problem

It was made in late February of this year. The problem showed up in late May.

@Blu The Partisans

Edited for Double Post.

Yes, by that point the system will no longer allow you to edit posts.

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Ok so that post is really old, almost 5 months old. Posts that are too old can no longer be edited.

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Is there a way to get an exception to this? Otherwise people who want to read the comic will have to navigate through the topic in order to catch up.

I do not think you can edit it, what you could do is make a condensed version of your comic in another topic.

To my knowledge, it is just something that times out. I believe it is automatic.

So would I have to make a new one every 5 months or so?

As long as you ask for the previous condensed version to be closed, that sounds like a good solution. :slight_smile:

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