Captain Heko

This is Captain Heko . It is a trained robot-soldier that his only talent is to fight. His equipment : Primary Smg Secondary Smg Build in Jetpack


Just a friendly reminder to post mocs in the creative content category next time as opposed to the HF category (I fixed it for you).

The captain looks alright, bellbottoms and masklessness aside. I like the use of the fire add-ons on the shoulders

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thnx for the reminder , Iā€™m glad that you liked it !!

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Not bad. Looks very nice and solid. Though something on the head would be nice. I think maybe a Break Out Nex head/mask/thing would work well here. I do like the use of the fire pieces on the shoulders. More picture would also be nice. I give it a solid 7/10. Could be better, but for what it is, its not bad.

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