Carapar Learns Of The Hordika (COMEDY)

I hope you guys can comment on this and tell me if I should make more, even a series perhaps themed like this, let me know. Anyways, Carapar discovers more about the Hordika.


Well that was an awkward conversation.

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Ahah, you found the purpose of the video. LoLz.

I love it.

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this is great lol

Hahah, I must say, I laughed at how awkwardly slow Carapar backed away.
Also, I like the personality that you gave him. Keep up the good work bro.

Keep going man, these are great!

Am I the only one who didn't get the "ohs noes" reference?

I think it was a ref to bio in 2 mins
might not have been

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Dem hips


That's what I suspected...

Really great, but what was with the weird gray piece on Vakama's neck?

That was his Rhotuka ripcord.

oh. I never left that in, so I didn't recognize it. makes sense though

Thanks guys, I'll make more when I can!

@legomaster1378 No, it's a reference to a photo involving poor grammar on a comic involving Bionicle.


why have i not watched this earlier

this is great

LoLz, thanks.

You just gained one subscriber...

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Just watched the "Tahu reacts to BIONICLE 2015." Couldn't stop laughing XD

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