Casterrix Files: Korriok History

On one cool, breezy day on the Sky Colony of the world Doldurum, and old, armored Korriok sat in a chair looking out at the horizon. His peace was soon to be interrupted, however, as two Korriok Children came running out of a house and onto the platform he was resting on. They were clad in primitive, but very lightweight armor, traditional for Korrioks not yet fully grown.

One of them, a small boy, ran to the side of the Elder’s chair, and spoke.

“Great Grandpa Zack, what are you looking at?” The little boy asked, looking up at the elder’s helmet.

“Well my boy, there’s your answer. The sky itself. It’s fascinating to think, how we got here, to enjoy the sheer beauty.” Zack answered, looking out at the veritable sea of oranges, yellows and pinks that lay before him.

“Grandpa Zack, how did we end up here? Jamison from the other side of town said we come from some place called Korri? But then Michael said that we’ve always been here.” The young boy asked, as several of his friends also started to crowd around he and Zack

“Well, I dunno what kinda nut Michael’s been listening to. Who here wants to hear the real story of the Korriok history?” Zack asked, as he gave a smile underneath his helmet

The two kids around, among some others who had just gathered all nodded with glee and sat silent with eager eyes and ears.

’Now, if we could get them to listen this well when it came time for chores’ Zack thought as he positioned himself to tell the story.

“Alright, now listen up. Before time had a name, before the stars and planets as we know them today, there was nothing. Nothing, that is, except for a small, white sphere at the center of the nothing.” He started, before being interrupted by his great grandson Nicholas.

“What was the sphere made of?” he asked, tilting his head in confusion.

“Well, that’s the thing. Korriok scientists, Girael Scientists, and even Mushirin Scientists have been asking that for years. That’s not important though. The important part was what was inside the orb. Inside the orb was the one known as the Great Horned Goddess herself: Korri.” Zack said, wistfully, images flooding into his head of paintings and carvings once found on his old home.

“Whoa, what was she like?” A little Korriok girl asked, trying to imagine.

“Well, what can I say? She was the embodiment of all that the Korrioks were! She was beautiful yes, but she was powerful, fiery, determined, and above all, couldn’t stand being caged. This is important because it was with one bash of her mighty horns that broke that sphere, and the explosion was so powerful, it created the whole universe!” Zack said, emulating an explosion with his hands.

“She was so tough, she created the universe by breaking stuff?” one of the boys asked.

“Yer darn right. Now when I was a kid, and I broke stuff, it didn’t earn me anything more than punishment. But then, I’m no warrior god. Anyway, something about Korri you need to know, is that she started the Korriok tradition of wearing armor. Her armor was made of light itself! And when she broke the ball at the center of nothing, the explosion melted her armor into a ball, and that became the sun that provided light and heat for all Korrioks to come.”

“But wait, I heard Korri was the name of the planet? Are you saying that our people used to live on a giant lady?” the boy named Jamison asked, confused

Zack only gave a look of supreme disapproval and deadpan so great Jamison could almost see it through Zack’s helm.

“No no no. After breaking the ball, Korri became a spirit. A powerful one at that. So great that she could possess an entire planet! And that she did. Through the light and warmth provided by her armor, and the magic she put into the planet, it lead the hatchling world to create life. Live that would eventually, through her will, become The Korrioks as you know them today.” Zack said with finality

“Well then what happened next? I mean, what happened to Korri? Why aren’t we there?” one of the children asked him.

“Ah yes, my least favorite part. The Korrioks’ happiness was not to last. For like all species I know, sans the Girael, for some reason or another, they found an excuse to go to war. Over and over again. As the wars progressed, so did the weapons, and one planet, even one blessed by a goddess, can only sustain so much. And so it was that eventually, we, the Children of Korri, were the ones that brought her to her death. The Korrioks had no choice but to flee their dying mother. But there was hope. For there was a prophecy written by Korri herself. It read something like: “On my last breath, I shall blow out a kiss, one that will be the winds that shall guide my children to a new home. There they shall meet a hero who can give to them what I could not.” Unfortunately for us, that ‘Kiss’ was the planet itself blowing up as thousands of Korriok starships fled to escape the explosion.” Zack said, looking down with regret. These memories were the worst to recount, because he had lived that part.

“Well what next? Where did she lead you? And who was the Hero?” Nicholas asked, eager to see a happy ending.

“I bet the Hero was this super ripped awesome Korriok warrior guy who had been like, banished years before!” the boy named Michael said.

“You’re so dense. Isn’t it obvious? Korri was a goddess, so the Hero is clearly a girl Korriok. Korri reincarnated!” a girl in the fold named Marilyn argued.

“Ah but young Marilyn, the gift the Hero would give us was something Korri could not, remember?” Zack asked, smiling behind his helmet.

“Ha. Mine was totally right.” Michael said, laughing at Marilyn.

“Not quite, Michael. For you see, the reason the Hero could give us something Korri could not is because the Hero was not Korriok himself!” Zack added, disappointing Michael, with Marilyn now laughing at him.

“Well what was he? I bet he was a Taborian. Those guys are super mellow” Jamison said

“That’s dumb, Clearly it was a Girael. Those guys take getting along to a whole new level!” Nicholas replied.

“He was neither. Nay, when Korri’s kiss led us here to the Sky Planet Doldurum, after some weeks, we encountered him. His ship was beautiful. It was a lance with wings, descended from the heavens themselves.” Zack said, remembering it fondly. “‘Cause you see, kids, everything you know now, Knights, Lances, Swords, even your names, we knew nothing of them.” Zack continued, blowing the minds of all present.

“A world without lances? How did you decide anything?” Michael asked, truly baffled.

“Wasn’t it obvious, we kept going to war with each other! ahem Anyway, the Hero was a robot. A robot by the name of Sir Nyran Orcen Valiton Altair. When we met him, he taught us of all that you know today. of Knights and Castles and Lances and Jousts. But above all, he did indeed give us something Korri could not. Chivalry. He gave us Order, Honor, and the Knightly code. We learned all about how Might is not Right, how one must use Might for Right. He even gave us our Knightly titles, and the names of his homeworld.”

“And just like that, everything was better?” Marilyn asked.

“Oh I wish. No, after he left, there were some old clods who didn’t believe the man who descended from the sky in a giant sterling silver spear with wings to be The Hero of Legend. They thought that by adopting all of Sir Nyran’s teachings, we were betraying Korri! Years later, Sir Nyran came back, requesting our help on behalf of the Girael(who were fighting the Mushirins at that point.) The old traditionalists, we called em the Red Flags, were adamantly against it, but the Blue Flags(the good guys. Us.) were for it. And so our Leader, Sir Nicodemus, and his second in command, Sir Ulrich(who would later become King Ulrich, I’ll have you know), challenged them to a Joust to decide the fate of our people, the Girael, and the whole universe, practically! Fortunately, a Dashing Young Korriok Blue Flag named Zacchaeus was able to trounce those old punks, and save the day. He went on to travel the cosmos with Sir Nyran, and ever since defeating the Mushirins, the Korrioks have enjoyed their peace.” Zack concluded, as the children were still staring with awe.

“What ever happened to Nicodemus? And Zacchaeus? And Sir Nyran?” Nicholas asked.

“Well Nicodemus, he died honorably at the hands of the Mushirins. He was a true warrior till the end. His memory lives on, however. As for Sir Nyran, to my knowledge, he and his crew traverse the universe still to this day.” He said wistuflly, looking to the stars above.

“But what about Zacchaeus?” Nicholas asked once more.

“Oh, he’s around. Somewhere.” The Korriok who once went by Sir Zacchaeus of The Lancer answered back to him.

And so Zack grabbed his cane, and walked back to his home. It was getting late, after all.


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thanks man, means a lot.

Little did Zack know, but Nyran and his crew had just encountered a crew of Rockmen and were about to be slaughtered in cold bloo-


I liked this, It was a good read. Certainly gave me some material for minifig making. :thumbsup:


RIP In Pieces, Nyran.

U suk.


I blame Vuhii’s navigating.


what about the next step, Nyran 2.0?

What do you mean?

you killed his father,
prepare to die.

won’t there be some upgraded version or future continuation/clone of Nyran? Or is will there only be one Nyran In this universe?

The donning of the NeoKnight garb in this universe was hardly worth mentioning.

The narrator, Zacchaeus, simply wanted to tell the Korriok history.

And while Nyran was vaguely integral to that, his journeys in the stars, as well as his reconstruction, were not vital to that.

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