Casterrix Files: Operation J.O.U.S.T

Jarring Operation Using Strange Tactics

The Sky Knights of Doldurum Prime

In the universe, there exist many stars and planets, and on many of those planets, life can be found. The Planet of Gira can be found in one such galaxy, housing one such people. The Girael, the 7 ft tall bipedal insect beings with dark green spiky exoskeletons, digitigrade legs three fingered claws, compound eyes, mandibles, and antennae, explored many worlds, a good number of which housed life, even so close as within their own galaxy. The insectoid people spread their culture of unity and science to those they met, and received many other teachings and beliefs in their travels.

One such people were the Korrioks, a warrior people who live upon the planet Doldurum Prime, the main planet in the Doldurum star system. These were a people who thrived on fighting, but followed a code of honor like no other on the battlefield, and in civil affairs, when any existed. On that particular visit, however, the Girael were not alone. The Girael were accompanied with a Human. Or, something that was a human.

Nyran Altair, the man-made-droid was a friend of the Girael, and upon being visited by the human-turned-droid Nyran, the Korrioks adopted many design aesthetics, and cultural traits reminiscent of traditional Earth Knights, and indeed other traits inspired by Nyran’s romanticized telling of culture on Earth, going so far as to use the traditions, architecture, and terminology, translated and spoken in their natural language and accent, of course.

Upon a trip to Doldurum made by the Girael and the machine Nyran, five years after the first visit, the Korrioks had done well in mirroring the designs Nyran had described on their sky-based fortresses, homes, arenas, and other such buildings. Their formerly compact and simple bases of operation were turned into grand, flying castles.

In a time where the ever-growing forces of the Mushirin empire, the reptilian warmongers who sought to conquer all in the vast array of life-filled galaxies, threatened all planets, the Lavender-skinned, Ram-Horned, bipedal Korrioks have made temporary peace with each other, and decided to settle internal affairs in a more peaceful fashion. Like the knights they took inspiration from, they often decided to engage in Jousting tournaments for such things. However, on the matter of whether or not to involve themselves to support the Girael side of the war, there was much debate preceding any sort of tournament or other such event.

At the Korriok primary castle, where the king resided, the Girael Warrior Paladius walked through the castle, along with Nyran. The two were discussing matters of great importance, while on their way to a meeting of the Korriok government on the matter of the war..

“We have supporters yes, but I’m not sure we have what we need to turn over all the locals. After all, Not everyone took to the Influence, Nyran. The two camps seem even, so I doubt we can just say please and expect our wish to be granted. We haven’t had the best of luck with asking nicely.” Paladius said to Nyran, continuing a discussion from earlier when they arrived.

“Just ‘cause a few skeptics aren’t too fond of me, you immediately think worst-case scenario. Trust me, these people love me. I’m certain I can convince them, no problem.” Nyran replied, brimming with confidence, contrasting Paladius’s pessimistic view of the situation.

When they arrived in the meeting room, the two saw that the sides of the issue were very clearly defined. Over the round central wooden table at the middle of the stone room, two Korrioks were in a heated argument. Korrioks, as a people, were not very different from humans. We think... Korrioks always wore armor, as such, no outsider has ever seen the face of one. What was known is that their skin was a lavender color, and that from the sides of their heads, two horns like those of a ram protruded, their helmets made to fit around them. Their helmets covered their entire heads, sans the horns, and could be easily modified for survival in space. Their physical silhouette was very similar to a human’s outside the horns. Their armor was once a dull grey color, but after Nyran’s visit, it was made to be shining and silver like the stories of Knights he told. Their helmets had optic visors in the shape of a T, reaching from their eyeline across, and to their chins downwards.

“The Girael are allies of Sir Nyran, and a typically peaceful people! They have done us no wrong, and their advanced medicine and other such technology would be beneficial to the Korriok people! To reject them, and refuse to help is a downright crime,and I shall not stand for it, Faronin!” Said Nicodemus, leader of the newly dubbed “Blue Flags.” They supported the Girael, and their armor was decorated with blue accents and details, signifying their allegiance.

“Oh please! You fools worship this pathetic mechanoid! You even went so far as to change your very names! Where is your Korriok warrior pride!? Where is your honor for tradition!? You accept all these earth ways, completely neglecting your roots! In my opinion, Nicodemus, that is the true crime! I refuse to help the Girael because while they may be peaceful, they are weak! Korriok tradition states that the strong must defend the strong!” Replied Faronin, leader of the “Red Flags.” He was a stubborn old Korriok, but still strong in his old age, who had little time for the new fangled ways of earth.

“It was Korriok tradition that lead to the destruction of Korri! Your “traditions” ended up with us migrating to Doldurum in the first place! Is it any wonder that we are so quick to accept earth’s ways as opposed to our own!? Among the earth ways, comes a saying. A saying I believe in truly with all my three hearts! It is not “Might is Right,” it is “Might for Right!” It means that we should not use our power however we want because we can, but rather that we should do the honorable, noble, chivalrous thing with it! I hate to say it, for respect for your elders is also an earth teaching, but your obsession with tradition, and your age, have blinded you, Faronin!” Nicodemus replied back to him, the others in the room, blue flags and neutral responding with nodding heads, and it seemed that he was gaining the approval of their king, Kyle Sednir, who kept both an earth name, and his Korriok name, to appease both factions.

“My position stands. So long as my party and I are a part of this court, you shall not mobilize our people in a war that is not ours to begin with,” Faronin concluded, backing from the table, and crossing his arms.

“Hmm…” Said King Sednir, “As we cannot settle this matter diplomatically, we sha-Sir Nyran, Sir Paladius, we were not expecting you! It is an honor.” The king said, interrupting himself upon seeing the alien and the droid.

“We were just discussing the matter of your war. I was about to make a proposal to get the two sides to settle. Contest is sacred to Korrioks, and so I propose a mix of an earth contest, and a Korriok contest. Ancient Korriok tradition was to fight each other while on large birds, or hoverbikes, miles high in the air. As such, I propose… A Sky Joust!”

“Hmm…. I accept your terms, My King. I am not against compromise, especially if it means showing the young Nicodemus how weak he truly is.” Faronin said, bowing before he and his red armored party left the room.

“I too, accept, My King. First thing in the morning?” Nicodemus asked, determined both to help his friends, and to prove Faronin wrong

“Indeed, Nicodemus. I look forward to seeing you there.” Kyle Sednir said, before he too left the room. Now it was merely Nyran, Pala, and the other Blue Flags.

“Well, my friends, it seems that it all depends on the skill of myself and my team. Korriok tournaments have teams of three for actual action in tournaments. So it shall be Myself, my second-in-command and tactician, Ulrich, and our newest member, Zacchaeus. He is inexperienced, yes, but he shows great innate ability with a lance, and much potential.” Nicodemus said, to Nyran now.

“Well then, it seems it’s the Traditions of the past, vs. the Way of the Present. I have faith in you, but both are powerful forces.” Nyran replied, hoping for the future...

To Be Continued

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whoa, I like the look of this, good writing nyran smile

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This looks great! I like how you set up the general conflict and use of formal English to establish the setting and tone.