Casterrix: What Even Is It?

Casterrix, put simply, is the universe that Nyran likes to pretend he’s from. It is a story of magic, monsters, aliens, and space.

It is also the Girael word for “Discovery”

It revolves around the misadventures of Nyran the VEC, Paladius the Girael, Jordan the Human, and Zacchaeus the Korriok.

The first thing I should likely go over:

The Sentient Species of the World of the Casterrix Story

Earthlings(Humans): Native to the plane earth, Nyran lived upon it thousands of years ago, in an age of knights, swords, and sorcery. Since then, he has returned briefly only to see just how much things have changed. Notable Earthlings in the story include

-Rano Altair
-Maera Altair
-Alra Fessen
-Nyran Altair(Former)
-Jordan Hunter

Girael: Hailing from the planet Gira, the Girael are insectoid bipeds that were once mere hive creatures like Earth Ants or Bees, as their tasks became more complex, they, over generations, developed sentience and reproductive organs(as originally, only their queen could make new Girael). They are now engaged in galactic warfare with the Mushirin people. They have advanced technology in computer mechanics and neuro science.

Notable Girael include:

-Paladius Orcen Valiton
-Soloran Corras Ritrio
-Tetera Alcera Herel
-Folres Shido Zandu
-Danrie Lire Yayan

Korrioks: Native to the planet Korri, the Korrioks are a tragic, but proud and noble people. Ravaged by war, remaining scavengers and refugees fled the dying, exhausted planet. Korri remains only as barren wastelands and ravaged buildings. The Korrioks are lavender skinned humanoids with ramlike horns. No offworlder has ever seen their faces, as their helmets are almost always on.

However, one particular sect of Korriok colonists found a home on the Sky Planet Doldurum. Doldurum’s sky is yellow and orange at all times. The surface of the planet is ravaged and volcanic, but resource rich in minerals. They made their settlements among the sky with antigrav tech, forming floating buildings and large platforms for villages.

One day, Nyran visited the Doldurum Korrioks with Paladius and Jordan, and thinking that their culture reminded him of Feudalism, explained it to some of the natives. Hearing Nyran’s(romanticized) version of the story of knights and castles, the korrioks took to it almost immediately, restructuring their buildings to be metal castles, modifying the design of their armor, and discovering the vast world of melee weaponry, such as swords, axes, and lances, etc. with many asking for earth-style names, and taking to the medieval fantasy culture very much.

This has been a divisive movement, as many of the older Korrioks are resistive of the change. And the planet has been divided into the Blue armored faction and the Red armored faction

Notable Korrioks include:

-King Kyle Sednir

Mushirins: Reptilian quadrupeds with almost centaur-like bodies, thew Mushirins are bent upon conquest and a galactic front made under their banner. While the people of Mushahar are slightly divided upon this issue, the current ruling party supports their Reich.

The Mushirin Government and Military leaders keep themselves in the shadows, preventing any of our heroes from pinning a name to a face.

Taborians: Tabor is an aquatic world with minimal islands upon it. the dominant species, the Crablike, and anglerlike Taborians, have made their superiority known by mastery of land and sea. All that remains, as they see it, is the sky. They are a force that have an uneasy treaty with the Mushirins, but seek to betray them one day. This goes in vice versa.

The Other: Hailing from a planet no one has ever seen are a race of meta creatures that do not interact with matter as most life forms do. They are ancient and powerful, and only a few are known to the world. Four of them came to earth, long, long ago.

Notable Other include


This topic will be updated with whatever other ideas I come up with for this story, and any questions about the universe I hope to craft are totes cool, as I love explaining about this silly thing I do in my spare time.


You should get an artist to do more visual representation to give people a better idea of what stuff looks like.
Then again that’s hard and costs money.



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    Very interesting.

One question: Are these two

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Back in the old days of 6 year old human Nyran, his parents kinda ditched him, leaving him to live his life under the mentoring and guardianship of an old lady who could use magic, and raised him as a mage.

Her name was Alra Fessen.

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dang jerky parents.

Nice universe BTW

And now for the beginnings of the story of Nyran Altair

Nyran Altair was born of Rano Altair, and Maera Altair. Nyran remembers little of them, as they left him on his own at the age of 6. Rano and Maera were both members of the Dragon Knights, a group of poor warriors who had to ransack and pillage for the sake of their own survival and that of their families. They felt that maybe Nyran could have hope for a better future if he grew up somewhere away from the Dragon Knights, where he could prosper, and not have to resort to the things they did to survive.

Nyran never saw them after that, but hardly missed them. He was not one who required much social interaction to properly function, and as such, was perfectly fine on his own. He had a difficult time adapting to street life at first, but eventually got the hang of it. He slightly starved, and didn’t know how to read or anything, but he was alive, and thankful for it. Life changed one day for Nyran in the largest rainstorm his village had ever seen. Nyran was without any sort of shelter, the fierce winds and water destroying anything he had before. It was this day that Nyran discovered that he could move the earth around him. His desire for shelter manifested itself through his newfound magic powers, the ground curling up on all sides of him, forming a dome of rock around him.

A local blue mage(Mages who control water), known as Alra Fessen, discovered the dome after the storm was over, and managed to pry it open. She saw inside a large amount of fruit bearing vines, and the sleeping young Altair. And so the old woman began to train the newly awakened Green Mage. He was initially opposed to the idea, but upon realizing the things he could do with his powers, he immediately changed tunes. After much strict training, scoldings from Alra, and a good deal of soaked clothing, being covered in thorns, with sand all about them, rocks crushing him multiple times, having fallen off of things many, many times, Nyran had finally gained control over his powers! On an elementary level, that is.

He still needed to construct the final piece to unlocking his full potential: A Charm. An item that speaks to the individual, infused with part of the user’s power, and giving it back to the user even stronger than before! For Alra, it was a bangle with the birthstones of her family in it. Nyran had no real attachments, so creating his charm was difficult.

Eventually, he decided that the theme of reflecting power back to him, was important, and that all his life, his face has been the only one to look at, and so Nyran found his inspiration for his charm. A Mask. A mask that was at the same time a mirror. A one-way mirror, that he could see through, but anyone who looked at it would see only the reflection. Alra, meanwhile spent her time crafting a new outfit for Nyran, to symbolize his transformation into a Green mage. His clothes would stay the black baggy things he’s been wearing for years, but now with a green vest and a purple cape and hood, all detailed with gold accents.

From there, Nyran joined the Conclave of Earth Mages, at the Cave of Deep Sorcery, and became a mostly low-key member of the Order. Years later, Nyran was finally a young adult, having just turned twenty two. It was on this year that the Lion Knights and Dragon Knights, the two largest factions at war in these times, had begun to rally up allies for themselves. The Earth Mages, and the Water Mages, found themselves allied with the Lions, while the Fire and Wind Mages allied themselves with the Dragon Knights.

The Life Mages, a group who could manipulate organic life in various ways, like with magical diseases, poisons, steroids, or other alterations, also allied themselves with the Dragons. The sixth and final sect of mages, the Temporal Mages, who could travel through time and space itself, remained neutral, to avoid an imbalance in what they felt as an equality of power between the two sides. Also because they felt that neither side were really good guys, each just fighting for their own selfish reasons.

Nyran fought in only a few battles, and one might say that he underperformed. Combat was not why he wanted to use his powers. The most notable battle Nyran was in was yet to come, but the penultimate event leading to it wasn’t something to skip either. Nyran was part of a group set to scout out the territory of the Dragon Scale forest, named for the odd texture of the trees there, which gave the appearance of scales. Here, at the edge of Dragon Alliance Territory, Nyran wound up separated from his group after a border patrol caught sight of them.

All the group went in different directions, with some killed, others escaping with their lives, or in Nyran’s case: Hiding in the trees for a while. He fell asleep eventually, and fell out of the branch he was on. Bleeding and with a very injured leg, Nyran figured that he really, really needed to risk capture, and get treatment for his injury. …



Best. Story. EVER!

How do I story like you?

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I think for the next chapter, some dialogue would really sell what the worlds are like.

Well, that was less a story in of itself, and more a summation.

Ok, makes sense.