Castle/Kingdoms Shared Universe Theory/Headcanon

Aight so, as the title so obviously suggests, I like to think that Castle(07 Fantasy Era), Knights Kingdom II, and Kingdoms all take place in the same land, same world, etc.

So, chronologically, KK II happens first.

That whole story goes down, and we have all the info, and it's great.

King Mathias goes down, and Jayko steps up after a number of years, all that jazz.

However, this is where I start to uh...diverge.

Aight, so Jayko defeats Vladek and what not, but not at little cost. Because he was still the king that allowed him to return. Jayko's lineage of royalty goes on through his descendants.

But eventually, the emblem of the falcon is discarded, and replaced in favor of a crown. This leads us to the kingdom we have set up in 07's waves.

During the transition, a dark secret is revealed about the rule of King Mathias. That such magical creatures were for the most part exiled or outcast from the land.

With the new line, they begin slowly reintegrating themselves to normal society, including the suspicious and rich dwarves.

Dragons are introduced to the land for the first time. And one of the most spiteful beings from Mathias's reign makes his appearance.

The descendant of an ancient necromancer returns to incite full scale war upon the Crown Knights. He raises an army of the dead, allies himself with trolls/orcs, and has on his side the first two tame dragons.

With only the dwarves as their allies, the princess captured as a bargaining chip, and the other side having a massive sea advantage as well, the other side seems to have all the advantage.

Until one small team of brave knights manage to infiltrate the Necromancer's skull tower, and retrieve the princess, and another knight has found and tamed his own dragon.

Through the power of human ingenuity, and what-not, the tides are turned, with most ships sunken, defenses secured, and the undead pushed back into a corner.

And so the Crown Knights secured victory, but at the eventual cost of their king. The Kingdom's fate was now divided between two factions.

One that now understood the wisdom behind Mathias and his banishment of the magical creatures, who reclaimed the crest of the lion, and those who would stand to live with them still despite the risks of the individuals. They took on the colors and icon of the green dragon that turned the tides in the war.

In the end, after rigorous debate, and a tournament, the Red Lion Knights won out, taking control over most of the land, and re-exiling all the creatures, even the green dragon that gave them victory, and the dwarves that helped them.

And so here we are with Kingdoms, the two factions being at war with each other, but the Dragon Knights so poor that they must result to thievery and such unchivalrous tactics to attempt and procure victory.

All the while, a wizard once serving the crown Knights, now leading the Dragon Knights, fosters a hatchling of a small green dragon, waiting for the day it can rise up and crush the Lion Knights for good.

So yeah, that's how I feel all of it went down.


Pretty interesting headcanon. I wish this were actually true. frowning

This also gives me memories of a Castle set I got for christmas that included a wizard, a dragon, a princess, a knight, and the Wizard's fortress. It was pretty sweet.