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We tried like 20 types.


It is so hard to get my cat to stay still when I want to take a photo of him. As such, in 11 years, I have only managed to get three photos of him, this is the third.

His name is Perry and he's awesome.


I wish I had a cat. But noooo, my dad says we can't get a cat. So I have to look at adorable pictures on the internet instead of just getting to pet my own cat.

Just pick up a stray one off the street. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is my cat.

Yep, definitely a cat...


We've tried. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also forgot to mention that my dog is a cat.

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Lobster, that's a dog not a cat.


No it isn't.

You are sooo silly!

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Hey Guys! Guess who decided to cooperate for a photo



I've got a cat....7 of them actually....


A photo of one of my cats about to wreck last year's holidays.


Oh my God, that's adorable.

Edit: this is why we don't let my cat near the tree. He weighs like 15 pounds cuz he's a big dude (like a Siamese the size of a Maine Coon). . .

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People make for terrible pets.

I have this Maine Coon Cat and he's amazing.

Someone left a muffin in my room (don't ask how I wouldn't know) and he just grabbed one huge bit in his mouth, brought it down stairs and went all the way back up to grab the rest.

We named him Beardo, which is latin for Robber.

hello hi hello here is a picture of my cat peeing.

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My oldest cat died at about nineteen.
We got a kitten shortly before because our friends cat had a litter.

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