Toxin, behind his mask, frowned.

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Tarkur follows along with the plot of this rp.

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Plague Knight cocked his head in confusion.
“What is wrong? I thought you wanted this.” He said to Toxin.

Mark looked around for the entrance to this underground base, wherever it may have been.

Not your way. My way." He grunted.

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Akem continues walking till he reaches what once a magnificent large metal structure. He took several leaps heading downwards to the base of the structure.


“Your way obviously sucks if we were able to kill off the entire planet of Celerion in five minutes, but you have been taking years to do it.” The Gamemaster nonchalantly said.

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Toxin growled angrily.
“I was going to make them suffer. Not wipe them out.”

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“Toxin, you need to see the larger picture.” Kreel said.

“Bigger things await you then petty things such as this. You can ascend to godhood with us, and you could torture all the beings you’d like.”

“Fine.” The plague doctor grunted.
“But I was doing just fine until you high-and-mighty villains came along.”

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“Now, with that settled,” Kreel began.
“It is time for your new task.” She said, as small glowing orbs appeared before everyone.
“What are these?” Gamemark asked, curious.
“These will give you the temporary ability to shape portions of my realm into your own individual domains, structured however you desire.” Kreel answered.

“You see, these ‘heroes’ will inevitably come knocking at our door. But when they do, you shall be our first line of defense.” Said Kreel, as the glowing orbs then bonded to everyone. Kreel grinned widely as she watched their bodies contort from the power they absorbed.


Mark and the others followed after Akem.

“So, how do we get in? Where’s the entrance?” He asked.

“The power to change any aspect of reality on a whim, interesting,” Schemed the Empress.

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“Well, there are still some limitations…” Kreel corrected.
“Your individual territories are restricted to the established boundaries within this realm. The physics of each of your territories cannot be altered, but its size, shape appearance and so on, can.”

“So as long as I’m in your realm, I can alter reality as I see fit?”

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“You cannot alter reality, but you can alter your surroundings.”

“Same thing,”

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Akem continues walking to he got to a hole in the metal ground. He jumped down into crack and landed down below,
“Like this.” He started in his own direction, heading to the nearest medical facilities.

Seeker hovers down,
“not much of an entrance.”

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Mark, Richard and the others followed after. Michael projected an orb of light to illuminate the dark space of the medical chambers.
“Start looking around for anything that may be useful.” Mark ordered, as he himself started rummaging through the discarded tools and technology lying around.

Michael stayed behind from the rest of the group for a moment, standing beside Adam.
“I’m…sorry about what happened here…” he solemnly said.

Adam looks back at him,
“It was bound to happen. My guess is they feared out weapon, the Eetamaa Cannon. It would have been detrimental for them to leave that thing as it was. We made ourselves targets for their conquest hoping we could have been what stopped it.”

Seeker walked in his own path going down several metal hallways. He stopped at an open door, the inside covered in complete shadow.
“I can see you.”
Two quiet noises came out of the room.
“Do not fear, I am an enemy of those monsters. I am healer.”
He walked in producing a white flame that hovered by his shoulders. He saw two Celestials hiding in the corner. They seemed small for Celestials. The small Celestials looked at the healer.
“Where are you wounded?”
One of the little Celestials stood in front of the other, arms splayed out. It was being protective of the other.
“Lana don’t!”
The Celestial behind shouted. The Celestial in front replied,
“But I need to protect you, Kire!”
Seeker sat down,
“So you’re names are Lana and Kire? Those are beautiful names. You could call me, Æhnyir, though I am nothing like my past anymore. I go by Seeker or Healer instead. Now where are you to hurt?”
The two child-celestials look at the stranger who just spoke their language and sat down too,
“You’re not one of them?”
Kire asked.
“No I’m not.”

Akem went to to a medical facility and laid the body down on a table. He sifted through the tech looking for what he needed.
Angelica…are you prepared?

Bruce would roll his eyes behind his helmet. Now Mark was taking the Leader role. It was a bit late but better late than never one might suppose.
“You heard him. Let’s see if we can find anything which may be salvageable.” He said while looking through some pieces of technology that lay around. Many were broken down, in pieces and some even burnt down to a crisp. “If anything is still left intact.” He added.
Spider-Man nodded and proceeded to do the same. “Y’know, I never thought I’d be actually traveling through space, let alone another planet.” He said. “Considering the circumstances we are in. This is pretty dope.”
Impulse chuckled briefly. “Of course it is, at least for you.” He said. “But I’ve been in space for many decades and seeing Celerion destroyed and burnt to a crisp…this is the work of someone…that is looking for revenge.” He was onto something but he didn’t quite know where to put it“You’re saying you know who it was?” Bruce asked.
I have my suspicions…but it was with no doubt the work of a vengeful and powerful Xir’algath.” Impulse said.
Bruce snickered. “Yeah, right. Every Xir’algath is powerful so unless we have specific proof, we don’t know.” He said rather coldly.
He walked through some remnants of destroyed Celestial technology, he growls. “This is no use.” He said. “This place is nothing but ash and remnants of what it was.”
“Well, at least see the positive side to it…” Connor said but Bruce turned his head towards him, he could already tell that he rose an eyebrow at him.
He looked at his HUD and contacted Mark through a private commlink. “Mark, listen.”
Mark suddenly looked in Bruce’s direction. “What is it?” he asked.
“When crap hits the fan, I want my children escorted back to earth.” He said. “Have one of the angels send them there, they’ll be safe home and I’ll have my cousin take care of them. Because I have an ominous feeling that something may come. And if it’s dangerous, I don’t want to lose my children.” He had a slight edge to his voice.
Mark nodded. “I understand. And If the same happens to me, I would like Jack and Mary to be sent back to Earth for me as well. Can you do that?” he asked.
“They can be sent with my kids, my cousin will take care of them. I can guarantee that.” He said through the comm. “My mansion is the safest place in the City plus we can have an Angel guardian protecting the place.”
Mark nodded. “Okay.” he said, as he continued looking around.


As ready as i’ll ever be. Angelica’s electronic voice said in Akem’s mind.

Good, I think I found what I need to give you a body.

Seeker returned to the main group, two small Celestial children following him.
“Perhaps there is still hope in the destroyed planet. They told me that what attacked them was a species much like them.” He looks at Gure and Novae,
“Perhaps you could elaborate, on the celestial-like beings that attacked your home. From what was described it seems there were allied with the Xir’algath.”

Gure, the proto-celestial, spoke up,
“They are the Corrivalial, they are a mad race of Celestials built with hears of xalnergy.”
Novae sighed,
“Yes, the Xir’algath showed up when we were weak from dealing with those… and we were wiped out.”

Seeker gestured at the children,
“Not completely.”

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