Dr. X looks at the others, a pleading look in his eyes.

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Magnus looked at Mark, then at White Hood, Spider-Man and Nexus, giving him a nod. He then glared back with his visor at the Architect. “You think yourself as so high and mighty…” He started, his words stinging like a bee sting.

“You created the Multiverse yes…but when you created it and gave life. You lost your saying in the matter. As it would take the freedom of every sentient being to chose.” He said coldly towards the Architect.

“I thought you were benevolent God but as I’ve sadly come to learn…that this Multiverse has Gods that even they make mistakes.” He declared. “So I would rather fight and die in saving my home…” He charged Soulbreaker with Xalenergy and Chaosbreaker with Primordial energy. “I will not let my friend’s sacrifice be in vein…” He said with a sad tone.

“Majestic League, Assemble for one more time and let’s show this God that when you step on ants you risk getting the sting!!” He roared with a war cry as he combined the Legendary Weapons and released an energy beam that was combined with both Xalnergy and Primordial energy at the Architect.

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Akem walks away from the group and away from the Architect.
“I only serve for my father’s plans and I do not care who or what stands in the Krito fer’s path as obstacles. You created the id. Our father the id of nothing, yet he created us. Your share in this world is void and we Krito fer shall act.”

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“Then if what I shall say is blasphemy, then so be it.” Dr. X said, “Architect, I do not think you’re the deity of this Multiverse and now that you seek to destroy all things, both good and evil, I must oppose you, even if I die, I will die fighting for what’s right.”

He began trying to channel the power of all five Energies, calling on the energies themselves (not Architect), to give him and those who stood to fight along side him strength to give their best effort at stopping the Architect.


Then you are ignorant.

In truth, I am. The Highest and Mightiest that was, is and ever will be.

A mistake, which I must now correct. Yet you do not want me to. A perfect demonstration of the hypocrisy of mortals.

The energies impacted The Architect head-on in the chest, who did not even flinch. The energies were simply absorbed back into his body, like rubbing lotion on skin.

His expression soured.
It looks like the decision has been reached…

With that, he summoned all five of the energy Blades towards him, as they briefly hovered around his body. Then, he made them…


A massive explosion and shockwave of the five energies was released in all directions, as the blades were scattered on the ground all over the ground.

The true end times had begun.

Magnus frowned before he unleashed a magical spell with a barrier that protected the group from the massive explosion and shockwave.

“Okay, how are we going to defeat a GOD!!!” White Hood yelled.

“I don’t know…” Magnus muttered.

“You don’t know?!” White Hood asked, dumbfounded.

“We’ll just have to hit him with everything we’ve got.,” Magnus said before he walked towards Nexus and touched his shoulder, suddenly Nexus’ body will illuminate with light.

“What did you do to me?” Nexus asked.

“I couldn’t have waited for your cosmic level potential to kick in. So I’ve decided to boost up your process.” Magnus said before the barrier disappeared.

“Mark, use Umbra’s Bane and Skullbreaker!” He told Mark as Magnus and Nexus flew up in the air.

Magnus was on the Architect’s right side and Nexus on his left one. Nexus charged his fists and let out a massive beam of cosmic energy towards the Architect’s body while Magnus flew up towards his throat and swung Soulbreaker in attempt to cut his throat.


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Luxatium sighs and shakes his head. “Is this how it must go every time?” Luxatium summons Ferrum Spatium again and listens before moving forward to strike.

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Dr. X began trying to weaken the Architect by doing what would probably be considered the highest blasphemy: attempting to drain power from him.

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Kyran blinked.
“What now?”[quote=“Mctoran, post:1472, topic:50014”]
“I shall destroy The Multiverse. I will wipe everything from existence, and start anew on the clean slate.” he stated, matter-of-factly.

Kyran shook his head.
“No, no, you can’t do that! There are other ways. Other possibilities!”

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The Architect absorbed it.

As Magnus swung Soulbreaker , The Architect raised up a single pinkie and halted the blade in place.

Mark nodded, and hurled the two weapons at The Architect.

The Architect teleported away from the spot he had just been in the blink of an eye.
Then, as Skullbreaker was thrown at him, he simply blew out a small puff of air from his mouth, halting the trajectory of the weapon and making it clatter to the ground.

Nexus flew around. “Everything I throw at him, he absorbs…” He muttered to himself. “This is one tough opponent…the toughest so far…”

Then White Hood’s suddenly was heard. “Well, of course, he is a God. What did you expect?” He rhetorically said.

He then charged at the Architect’s feet and slashed with his dual katanas at his shin.

Magnus groaned as he struggled to overpower the pinkie finger of the Architect before he took the Chaosbreaker and turned around and swung it down at his head with incredible force behind.

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Dr. X began the dangerous process of attempting to drain the Architect of his power, starting with Crimson and Xalnergy.

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Chaosbreaker split halfway through The Architect’s “skull”. Suddenly he telported away from the blade, dislodging it.
Unwise.” The Architect scolded, as the slit in his forehead sealed back up.

you are attempting to drain an Infinite supply. Your efforts are inconsequential.” The Architect said to Dr. X.

Magnus narrowed his visor, so Chaosbreaker’s blade could penetrate through the skull of the Architect, so he wasn’t truly invulnerable. “Says the one who wants to commit mass genocide. You’re no better than that wrecht of Kreel we fought a few moments ago!” He said as he dual wielded Soulbreaker and Chaosbreaker and swung with both of them towards his chest.

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The Architect simply pulled the blades from his chest, tossing them aside.

You are wrong. Kreel desired enslavement and power. I merely wish to correct my errors.

He then blasted a very powerful beam of Xalnergy from his hand at Magnus.

As Soulbreaker and Chaosbreaker fell down with a metal thud Magnus quickly reacted with an energy spell that wrapped around him creating a barrier, taking the blast of the Xalnergy he is pushed back and lands on the ground.

“She was your error!” He argued as Magnus called upon his weapons and used Chaosbreaker and challenged pure lightning from the sky that was coming down at the Architect while he slammed Soulbreaker into the ground and suddenly the ground burst with red electric shockwaves around the Architect.

Nexus flew up above the Architect and charged up a cosmic ball and threw it at the Architect.

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Dr. X just kept going, if he couldn’t drain the Architect, maybe he could even the playing field between them.

He tries to distribute what power he cannot hold into the others who decided to oppose Architect.

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The residual energy in the aura around The Architect would be successfully collected by Dr. X. But the energy had already left his body anyways.

The lighting struck The Architect, and was channeled along his arm as he blasted the bolt back.

Although she may have come from me, her actions were not my responsibility.” The Architect said, using the Crimson to telekinetically tear stones from the earth and hurl them at Magnus.

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Magnus threw Chaosbreaker towards the bolt of lightning that was sent back and Chaosbreaker absorbed it before it came back into Magnus’ hand.

“It is your responsibility because you made her flawed!” Magnus argued as he took Soulbreaker and placed Chaosbreaker on his back and started to dual wield with both of his hands Soulbreaker and started to slash the stones in half before he charged Soulbreaker and similar to Starbreaker it lets out a enormous wave of xalnergy towards the Architect, it being charged up with red lightning and the dark purple mist from the xalnergy.


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I did not ‘create’ Kreel. She created herself from me.” the Architect rebuttaled, [quote=“MichaelBT-7474, post:1498, topic:50014”]
he took Soulbreaker and placed Chaosbreaker on his back and started to dual wield with both of his hands Soulbreaker and started to slash the stones in half before he charged Soulbreaker and similar to Starbreaker it lets out a enormous wave of xalnergy towards the Architect, it being charged up with red lightning and the dark purple mist from the xalnergy.

The Architect once again absorbed the energy, but this time due to the force of the blast he was knocked back a little.

Hmm, I am impressed that you all have survived for this long. Though it appears now that I have to actually start trying to kill you.” The Architect said.

With that, large ornate holographic wings materialized behind The Architect, unfurling from his back. His body started glowing brighter, the five energies now rushing through him like blood through veins. His eyes glowed with a fiery determination, in the colors of the five energies.

Out of nowhere, The Architect conjured a small vortex of Absolute Nothingness and threw it at the group like ninja stars, at a lightning-fast speed.


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