Soon after more id came, at first tens, then hundreds, then all 1400 id appear. Swordbreaker is the last to appear.a little begrudgingly,
“One last thing I want to say…Having Shadow King’s powers would’ve been nice right now.”

He looks at the rest of the id knowing each of their names.
“Looks like we got the calavry.”
The id grins and each id begins to charge up their powers.

Umbrian picks up the crown and puts it on,
“Sorry to cramp your style, but it’s my turn for this thing.”


#“well hello architect, is someone throwing a tantrum?”


I would be lying if I said it was good to finally meet you, Collect.” The Architect said as The Collect appeared.

#“what else is new?”

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Strike me down, I challenge you.” The Architect said, goading The Collect.

#“i dunno…what’s in it for me?”


“You can only do is absorb energies huh?” Magnus made a smug remark before…

…The Architect appeared from behind him and suckered punched him in the jaw, there was an air quake from the punch before Magnus turned his head at him. “I actually felt that.” He said.

He took Soulbreaker and blocked the eye beams that came from him and absorbed them before…

He felt the violent force push against Magnus, the ground beneath his feet cracked as he was forcing himself not to be pushed.

“And I am MAGNUS!!” He shouted as he stumped his foot on the ground and he unleashed all of his powers that made his name.

Michael stands for Strenght!” Magnus said as he leaped at the Architect and took Chaosbreaker and swung it with superhuman strength at him.

Auriel stands for Wisdom!” He used Chaosbreaker and engulfed it with electric flames before slashing right back at the Architect’s skull.

Gabriel stands for Lightning!” His visor lighted up with electricity as a thunderstorm appeared before them and started to violently thunder and lightning strike the Architect with the most powerful lightning and thunder in history of existence.

Nathaniel stands for Courage!” He then took Soulbreaker and dual-wielded with his ax which intensified and doubled his powers.

Uriel stands for speed!” Magnus then suddenly had superhuman speed and attacked the Architect from all angels very fast, his Soulbreaker and Chaosbreaker swinging with great power at his body, hopefully causing some damage.

Sabrael stands for Mystic Arts!” He then used a magical spell to boost his powers tenfold and in an x shape, he used Chaosbreaker and Soulbreaker and slashed at his chest before saying.

“Together, they form MAGNUS!” A thunder struck them both, furthermore doubling his strength.

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Luxatium summons his powers, along with the other ID. “Well Architect, you seem to have done something that has never been done before.” Luxatium then unleashes his power. “Unity!” He shouts.

@Flux @Mctoran


You of all beings should know…
Suddenly, The Architect flew towards The Collect, charging his fist with Xalnergy as he punched it at The Collect.


As each of the Archangels’ names were called out, they all added their own powers on top of Magnus’ to compound the attack.

The blade went right through The Architect, but he did not feel any pain.

The lightning bold struck The Architect right in the chest, and as the electricity sizzled along his body he dispersed it throughout the battlefield at everyone.

When all was said and done, there were a good few nicks on The Architect’s body. But they quickly closed back up.
A shame, really. For a second there, I almost became excited by the thought of an actual potential challenge.

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The id, again that I control, unleash their abilities at their fullest potential. Mind, Karma, Truth, Nightmare, Song, Nothing, Light, Shadow, Destruction, Creation, Lies, Dreams, Healing, Innocence, War, Desire, Dream, Prediction, Revenge, and many many more id.

A wave of the concepts made tangible powered by ignotium energy would crash into the Architect.

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After all of that Magnus was actually panting with deep breaths. He smirked, all of this time he never broke a sweat, funny that a God was going to be able to make him do so.

“I can say the same thing…” Of course, Nathaniel’s courage keeps him that way, always unphased of frightened. “But I’ve only been using half of my true power…” He told him. “I will keep on fighting, Architect. The Multiverse…is all I have…I have to. Bruce’s sacrifice shall not be in vein…” He said.

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As this attack struck him, The Architect saw…everything.
Well, of course he saw everything, he was practically god.
Moreso, he felt everything. He felt emotions, personalities, experiencing them as if they were his own.
So this, this is what sentient mortal life feels…” he spoke out loud, nearly overwhelmed by all the feelings welled up inside of him.
Then, like shaking a bottle of coke, all those emotions and feeling exploded back out from the Architect’s body through his mouth like a dragon, as he expelled them.
I will not feel sympathy for the life I must eliminate. My mission shall not falter!” he declared. However subtly, The Architect was slightly influenced by these emotions anyways.

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#“wow, looks like someone got a case of the feelings.”


SILENCE!” The Architect snapped, a shockwave of energies exploding from his body.

"I shall destroy the only thing that keeps you tied to this plane, The Anchor, and then you will never interfere with my plans! "

#“hah! more emotionally stable people have tried and they just ended up fuelling the fires of my strength. at this point i may not even need the anchor to interfere with this plane”

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"Is that so?

#“who knows? maybe i’m bluffing, maybe i’m not.”

“I am not Omniscient…” Magnus said as he took a step. “I am not Omnipresent…” He took another step. “…and I am not Omnipotent…” He rose Soulbreaker and pointed with it at him.

“But only if you knew what a beautiful Multiverse you have created…” He said, his tone taking a slight turn.

“During my absence of the physical plane. I’ve been traveling across many many Universes.” He told him as the sudden manifestation of those possibilities of what could be would start popping in front of the Architect.

“You lack perspective, Architect. All you see when you look down at us is just meaningless texture…” He said sadden. “While I see a chaotic beautiful tapestry.”

“I’ve seen a possible Universe where peace ultimately triumphs over violence…” Suddenly there appeared a possible Universe with the Five Multiversonal Cosmic Races such as The Council of Life, The Xir’algath, The id, The Collect, The Infinites and including everyone making peace with each other for eternity and beyond.

“I’ve seen a possible Universe where a bond between people is never broken…” Suddenly appeared a possible Universe where The Grand Seraphim lived happily with Kreel, a beautiful version of her as everyone accepted their relationship and their child.

“I’ve seen a possible Universe where unjust deaths are prevented…” There appeared a possible Universe where Bruce didn’t need to die as well as the others.

“And beyond that, I’ve seen Universes that anything is possible…” Magnus said to the Architect. “And that is why I’ll never stop fighting…because this is all that we have.”

Magnus’ body was glowing, praying for the High Archangels and every angel to give them their powers to him…

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The id charge their abilities again.


Xano unleashes the I-Energy he built up.

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Kyran sighed.
“I had hoped that this wouldn’t be needed.”
He stepped forward, raising his staff. An indigo beam appeared between the staff and the architect, as it began to sap his power.

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