#“oh by the way, architect. mind the sleeper.”

Leaping at the godly figure was vessel 77 the sleeper, clad in an armour with a large spike-like helmet, clutching the blade known as Derelict.

#“cursed armour and a sleeper, wow you might just be 16 levels of screwed right now, i mean this power of friendship stuff is really going to screw you over.”


The Architect did something disturbing. He smiled. Then, he laughed. Right in Sleeper’s face. Lining his body with Absolute Nothingness, he threw a powerful lunch at Sleeper’s chest that launched him away and dislodged Derilect, which he casted aside like a toothpick.


Suddenly, Kyran’s staff began to form small cracks, as it was overloaded by the infinite well of power that it attempted to drain.


The Architect drew the energy into himself, soaking it up like nutrience. “Such fools, to think my own essence can be used against me.


The Angels, hearing Magnus’ plight, lent portions of their own strength and power to him.


Question: What destroys Nothing? The answer, course, is nothing. Nothing destroys Nothing!

The Architect, with his powers sought out the location of The Anchor.
Then, remotely, The Architect blasted a very large amount of pure Nihil Pura at it. The goal was to overload and destroy The Anchor with it’s own energy.

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Magnus closed his eyes and let the power of all of the Angels flow through him, for this time and for the last time, he could feel of their energy flew right inside of him, he was like a pull of incredible energy, not so different from tha Architect now.

Magnus opened his eyes and looked at the Architect. “Question: What can kill a god? The answer, of course, is…” He paused for a second. “…a God Killer.”

He flew right towards him and held Soulbreaker and Chaosbreaker up high and slashed with them downwards at the Architect’s skull.

Kyran initiated the second phase of the spell. The energy began to flow into his body. His skin began to glow.

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#"…you uhh…you didn’t think that through did you? see these vessels channel my power, you just gave me more, you are making me stronger. 77 please do continue."

With that the vessel simply retrieved it’s weapon and aimed straight for the kneecap


Unwise. Most beings cannot handle the power of one of the Multiversal energies, let alone all five. You are most likely going to be overloaded and killed by the power.

The Architect blacked the blade by catching it between two of his fingers. With that, the flipped Sleeoer behind him in a body slam, and teleported to another spot nearby.

Tell me, Collect. What do you fear?” The Architect said, using The Crimson as he attempted to peer inside The Colllect’s Mind.

Luxatium, seeing how what the ID did phased the Architect, uses his enlightenment powers to have the Architect understand the emotions more fully.

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#“i’d have to say…well i don’t really know now do i?”

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“Yeah?” Grunted Kyran.
“Well I’m a Maiar.”
He strengthened the spell, the indigo beam growing brighter.

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Mark charged towards The Architect, swinging Skullbreaker Downwards at him. However, The Architect disappeared from the spot he had been in.
He then reappeared behind Mark, punching his fist right through Mark’s chest. Blood spurted from Mark’s mouth, as The Architect threw him to the ground.
Slowly getting back up, Mark again charged at The Architect, attempting to slash him with his claws. The Architect caught Mark’s wrists, which he twisted as he then pummeled him with an overwhelming amount of force, strengthened by the energies.
Mark fell back down, softly whimpering as he reverted from his Berserker form and back to his normal body.
Your determination and heart is commendable, Mark Mcneil…
The Architect then force-pushed Mark back to the ground with The Crimson as he attempted to rise back up.
But you have never had a chance from the very moment you stepped into the Arena against Scrapper.

The Architect then prepared to finish Mark off, charging up a blast in his hand.

The Architect suddenly gripped his head, feeling the emotions that the ID had shown him on a more profound level. To him, it was just all a bunch of noise. Noise which grated his nerves. Noise which drive him to near-insanity. These…sensations, they did not belong to him. He shouldn’t be feeling these things. To him, these were the greatest weaknesses if Mortals. If they could cast aside their humanity, they could be at least an infinity’th as divine as him.
The Architect slowly, slightly bent his head down as he retched in pain from the emotions, temporarily stunned.


The blades both penetrated through The Architect’s head which further stunned him.

“Kyran, now!” Archangel Sabrael shouted to Kyran, pointing at the Architect.

Kyran broke the spell and thrust his staff at the Architect, the massive amount of energy blasting at the towering being.
Kyran fell to a knee, greatly weakened.
“So the time has come…”
Rohan rushed forwards. “Kyran!”
“I’m fine. It’s time for me to move on from this form and be reborn as a youngling. It’s your duty to find me and teach me, like I did you.”
“But… i don’t know if I can.”
“Of course you can.”
And with that, Kyran’s body flashed a bright white and disappeared, a twinkling speck of dust the only thing that remained.
Rohan lowered his head.
“Goodbye, friend.”

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The Architect tried to react in time, but it was too lage.
The energies violently struck the Architect’s already-damaged body, and there was a bright flash of light.

When the light faded, The Architect floated stilly, suspended in the air.
The Architect’s face was frozen in an expression of…fear? Hatred? It was hard to tell, but his eyes seemed to be crying out in pain. His body suddenly began…glitching. It became distorted, rapidly shifting from one spot to another and then back again. It was like trying to play a severely scratched DVD.

The Architect’s body clenched up, as the slashes on his body glowed. Then, in a violent display a giant chaotic black mass exploded from The Architect’s body. Like a butterfly hatching from its chrysalis. The mass danced around in a swirling vortex, its form fluid and not anything definitive.
It was a pure force of Malice, Chaos, Hatred and death incarnate. The destructive energies of Xalnergy and Absolute Nothingness now took more precedence in the composition of this entity.

THAT’S IT!” The Architect boomed.

With that, the black mass that is The Architect lashed out at everyone with its chaotic shadows of destruction.


“If you were trying to be a pain in my rear, well congratulations, Architect. You successfully achieved that.” He muttered towards him as he cast a spell that surrounded him, rendering the chaotic shadows of destruction useless.

Suddenly he teleported away and appeared behind Mark. “Mark, where is Umbra’s Bane and Blackedge?” He asked him.

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IC: Axiom suddenly is standing, again. His hands are spread out to either side, and he is shaking like a leaf.

Pouring out of his body, a vast storm of black particles begin to circle him, and any others near to Axiom. The particles multiply exponentially, swarming around until a veritable hurricane of them starts to fill the area.

For the moment the shadows are abated, such vast amounts of particles swarming against them the Architect’s assault is halted. Fortress-length walls of particles form, are devoured by the shadows, and reform a few micrometers behind their previous position, slowly but surely holding back the tide of death.

Stop…that thing…” Axiom booms, before falling silent once again. He struggles to stand upright but manages to for the moment, hands twitching as he creates more and more particles to hold back the storm of darkness beyond.


“That’s right, give in to the emotions that control weak mortals.” Luxatium taunts, catalyzing another wave of emotions.

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“̴̻̇ц̴͕̆я̶̪͂ ̴̲͌с̸͙̈у̸̤̐к̴̜̾а̷͇̔ ̵̌͜п̸̳͝о̸̋͜р̸̣̊о̷̥̃ж̵̺͐н̵̌͜я̴̯̓.̶͎̈.̶̹̊.̵̻͘Ÿ̶̨Ě̵̻E̴̥̚T̵̳̽!̷̬͗” Bellows The sleeper as they hurl derelict like a javelin, with all the force of a mass driver


YOU DARE DEFY ME?!” The Architect boomed, the edges of the vortex forming bladed appendages as they rapidly stabbed at Axiom’s barrier.


SILENCE, ANT!” The Architect roared blasting a wave of Xalnergy at Luxatium.


Derelict pierced through the swarming mass of darkness, briefly disrupting it but not harming it.
The Architect shrieked with rage, attempting to completely engulf Sleeper in its shadows and darkness


Mark’s eyes narrowed as he peered over the expanse of the realm.
“I…don’t know. The Architect just blasted them away…”

Magnus approached him closer and looked down on him, because he was much taller than Mark. “How could you have lost two of the most important things in the Universe, let alone Umbra’s Bane?” He asked, narrowing his visor at him.

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“I didnt lose them, The Architect did it to me!” Mark said defensively, scrambling along the ground as he barely dodged one of The Architect’s attacks.

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Magnus sighed and casted a protective spell on them before extending his hand and grabbing him by the arm, pulling him up on his feet. “Then we better start looking.” Magnus said. “The prophecy said that the end times happens when the two blades clash…” He looked at the Architect. “If what I’m thinking it’s true, then we’ll need those blades including the other three.”

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