Plague Knight, with a seemingly supernatural reflex, whipped around and caught the fist mid-swing, before Toxin could even finish speaking.

Simon, meanwhile, charged at Plague Knight, his spidery appendages menacingly aimed at him.

Plague Knight held out his hand, and Simon suddenly crumpled onto the ground, purple light around his body. Simon tried to move, tried to speak, but he was held in a vice grip by Plague Knight’s psychic powers.

Plague Knight then closed his fist, and blood violently gushed from Simon’s as his body was mercilessly crushed from the inside.

Simon tried to grasp out one last word, but he was swiftly put out of his misery by Plague Knight before he could.

Menacingly, Plague Knight slowly turned his head back to Toxin.

Toxin burst into gas and formed behind Plague Knight, kicking at him before exploding into a cloud.

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Plague Knight ducked, and dashed through the gas cloud itself, briefly dispersing it.

“I have not come to kill you. In fact I am here to help.” He offered to Toxin.

“Maybe you should have thought of that before killing my second-in-command.”

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“Last I checked, was my third in command.” Plague Knight responded.

“And he was useless, just as much as Trevor had been. But now with them out of the way, it means there is room for you to be…promoted.”

Toxin scoffed.
“That’s cute.”

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Plague Knight released a frustrated sigh.

“Tell me, Toxin- what is it that you desire the most? What is your primary driving goal?” He asked.

“I wish to take over Earth and destroy Celerion, in order to become leader of both worlds.” Toxin said flatly.

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Plague Knight grinned beneath his helmet, as a rift in space opened before them.
“Come, let me show you something.” He said to Toxin, motioning to the portal.
“Oh, and bring the entire organization will you?”

Bruce lay against a pillar, his legs slightly crossed and his arms crossed above his chest. His helmet retracting back into the collar, exposing his face, as he took a bit of fresh air.

He looked at Mark’s sudden expression and then at Auriel. He found it rather ironic that these Angels were now running the show, when they weren’t that much known nor trusted.

“I’m sorry, but I honestly want to know who’s idea it was to put you here in charge.” Bruce spoke over Auriel to get her and the other angels’ attention.

“I don’t remember seeing you or Mister Bling Bling over there…” He points with his right-handed index finger at Michael. “-In the Invasion that occurred, which ended with us losing the battle and pretty made us not even exist.”

He pushed himself off the pillar and walked towards the angels. “Now you are here to act all high and mighty. But when we needed you most, you weren’t there!” He pokes Auriel’s chest with his right-handed index finger.

Auriel saw that Bruce was scared of the Xir’algath, especially Taghiat who he had fought and lost against which in the end almost costed his life.

"If they are so powerful, then why in the hell would we need you if you alone were not capable of defeating said Xir’algath together with Taghiat!” He rose his voice at them, he looked tired and emotionally exhausted.

Michael sighed, noticing that Bruce was obviously upset.
“Jonathan Bruce Morgan- that is your name, yes?” He said as hovered toward Bruce.
“Of course we wanted to help, but…we couldn’t be there. We were unable to personally intervene despite how much we wanted to. We were the ones who sent Magnus to Earth, and we did that because we did want to help.”

Bruce scoffed. “Oh, don’t you give me that crap!” He looked at Michael. “Whoever Magnus was, he hadn’t accomplished his mission and failed.” He said. “Hence why he is not with us among the living.” He gestured with his hands.

“Mr. Morgan, I think you should rest. You look quite exhausted…” Connor said as he walked towards him and placed a hand on his right shoulder.

Bruce snapped his head at Connor. “Williams, this is the part where the adults are talking.” He said with a snappy voice at him, gesturing with his finger between him and Michael.

Connor audibly gulped and said nothing, Bruce was too upset to be reasoned with. He didn’t blame him but he should stop taking the weight on his shoulders alone. He withdrew his hand away from him and walked back in his corner.

Michael was about to speak again, but Raphael suddenly turned to him and stopped him.
“Hang on. I work better with mortals than you…” he said as he tried to make an attempt to connect with Bruce.
“Look, Bruce, we angels may be very powerful beings, but that does not mean we are invincible. Even gods have their weaknesses and limitations.” He said, thinking back on his own experiences.
“But the same also holds true for The Xir’algath. And we can defeat them by exploiting that. But we cannot stop them if we refuse to cooperate and formulate a plan. All of us.” Declared Raphael, as he looked around the room at everyone.

Bruce rose an eyebrow he looked at Raphael as if he was treating him like a joke, as he briefly chuckled because he found it mildly amusing.

“Am I a joke to you?” He asked as he pointed with his finger towards his own face. "The Xir’algath are powerful…we had our butts handed to us…Taghiat almost killed me and we lost Earth…but somehow we got it back…which no one here appears to tell me how.” He gestures with his hands at everyone.

“Plus if you know their weaknesses, then why don’t you enlighten us about them huh?” He asked as he crossed his arms above his chest again. “Because I want to know how to kill them, or next time I won’t be lucky to see my children again!”

“Do you know how The Multiverse was restored and The Xir’algath were stopped? It was because we helped to accomplish that!” Michael said.
“And it was only because we gave Mark and other heroes the right weapons and knowledge to stop them.”

Raphael hovered down to the ground.
“-and that’s why we are here again now.” He said to everyone.
“…The Prophecy of Blades is being fufilled.”

Katrina walked up to Bruce and rested her hand softly on his shoulder.
“Calm down, Bruce… It’s okay. We’re all on edge.”

Toxin summoned the entirety of the Plague Doctor Organization and led them through the portal, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

Kyran and Rohan stood a ways away from the group, watching them.
Kyran sighed.
“We failed our job, and now look.” He muttered to Rohan. “I suppose the best thing we can do is stop them, here and now.”
He began to open a portal into the very heart of the Xir’algath army, right where they could do the most damage.

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Meanwhile, back in Kreel’s castle, Plague Knight would then suddenly appear before all the villains, accompanied by Toxin and all the Plague Doctor cultists.
“As requested, I have retrieved my entire force of men.” Plague Knight declared to the others.

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Just as they were about to step into the portal, Kyran and Rohan whirled around.
Kyran walked up to Raphael.
“What did you say?” He hissed, his face one of shock and surprise.
Rohan was just as astounded.

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Seeker’s blue eye flickers for mere moment. To anyone who knew Seeker well enough, that was enough of a tell to know that Seeker was very surprised, despite their mostly emotionless state.
Seeker walks towards Raphael. She looks at him,
“I guess it’s about time… that something like this would happen.”
Seeker’s voice was different to how it was before it was more feminine and sounded almost completely different.

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Luxatium shakes his head. “Not this thing again.” He says, then turns to the angel. “Care to enlighten them? I promised to not reveal that to anyone, but I can feel these people’s confusion.” He increases the light in the area, and uses his power to help the spread of enlightenment.

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Nimrack would appear back in Kreel’s front, now with two Arglak at his sides “The League of Shadows is able to serve you.” he said

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Kreel smiled widely.


"Yeah, what exactly is the “Prophecy of Blades?” Mark asked, confused.

Archangel Gabriel looked at the other angels, and then back to the heroes.

“In many religions, there is almost always a prediction of the End Times and how it shall transpire. For us, it is the Prophecy of Blades. And the difference is, we know for a fact it will happen.”

Gabriel closed her eyes, and then they suddenly burst open again, glowing brightly. Everyone would find themselves enveloped in a bright light as they began to experience a vision.

The Prophecy speaks of two blades: one forged from the Whitest Light, and the other from the Blackest Dark.

Everyone would see the image of two swords hovering before them. One was pitch black and jagged, and the other was golden and forged with perfect symmetry.

It is said that the End of Days shall be signified when these two blades inevitably clash.

The images of the two swords then violently collided with each-other, and there was a bright explosion.

The vision then faded away, and everyone would find themselves back to normal.

“So far, everything that has recently transpired perfectly aligns with the prophecised events that supposedly lead up the clashing of the two Blades.” Gabriel said to everyone.
“So now we have come here. We need your help to defeat The Xir’algath once and for all.”

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Kyran, eyes wide, summoned a book of prophecies. He flipped through it feverishly.
“He’s right. How could I have been so blind?”

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“Where are we going to start?” Richard asked.

“We shall first head to the planet of Celerion. There we shall gather technology, weapons and reinforcements.” Michael replied.

Meanwhile on Celerion, The Xir’algath and Corrivalial were practically mopping the floor with the Celestials. They laid waste to everything in site, and countless Celestials fell before them.

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“Celerion?” Rohan asked.
“I could make a portal there, easy-peasy.”

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“Hang on, let me just make sure everyone else is prepared.” Mark said as he turned to the others.

“Are you all ready?” he asked them.

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