Undisclosed Location…

Silence, that has been my companion for these uncounted ages of my work. Thought a ghostly cloaked figure as he flipped through his notes and mixed several substances with a strange tool.

The room was white and empty save for a bed and scientific work station. No doors, no windows; just a box containing a strange ghost that toiled tirelessly with his strange experiments.

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“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Luxatium says.

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Empress waited for her supposed task.

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Michael nodded, turning to Rohan and Kyran.
“Do it.”

The two nodded and quickly got to work.
Within a few minutes, a spinning silver portal stood before the group.

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Mark clenched his fists, exhaling.

“Here goes nothing…” he said as he jumped in.

Now the others had to follow after.

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The two wizards waited as Bruce, Katrina, the two children, and Connor followed.

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Just a bit of background music for this moment

The ghost then carefully placed an orb of Xalnergy in its case and began thumbing through a bunch of other containers until he found what he was looking for: a small photograph of a team of scientists that were likely long dead by now all smiling together as they stood behind a work station piled with books and some generic equipment. He didn’t say anything but, if anyone else were in the room with him, there would be a looming sense of mourning and sorrow as the ghost gazed at the image, at a reminder of happier times before things went wrong.

After a prolonged silence, the ghost gingerly put the photo back and began writing his findings into his notebook using an almost-forgotten language from eons past.

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They all came out on the other side.
“Okay here we ar-” Michael started to say, as he suddenly stopped.

“Oh no.”

Celerion was in ruins. Hundreds of dead Celestial corpses were strewn about. Everything was eerily silent.

Luxatium stares in stunned silence. _I didn’t think this was possible. _ He thinks.

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C# 0003 (Akem) could be seen sitting in the rubble, looking at a Celestial body. He was so far one of the only living things to be seen. From the shifting rubble Gure could be seen standing up and in his arms was an injured Novae.

Seeker wanders over to C# 0003, to see what condition the body was in.

Adam falls to his knees in complete shock of what happened.

Xano looks at the destruction in disgust and begins to search for any remaining technology that survived. Celerion was in ruins and they couldn’t do anything about it.

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#“oh how tragic”
comes a silent voice in Micheal’s head

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Sadie covered Jack and Mary’s eyes.
They bodies have only been robots, but the eight was still disturbing.

Richard crouched down, holding the decapitated head of a celestial in his hands.
“What happened here? How could anyone have done this…?” He mumbled to himself.


What do you want now? Can’t you tell I’m busy here? Michael mentally said to The Collect.


Meanwhile, back in Kreel’s castle, Voidmaster appeared out of a portal before the villains.
“My queen, it is complete. My army of Corrivalial and your Xir’algath were unstoppable against the Celestials. Celerion has now been fully eradicated.” He declared with a grin.

Plague Knight turned to Toxin.
“Congratulations, looks like you’ve finally got your wish.”

#“isn’t your job to protect others from the xir’algath? or i suppose the job of the council. either way, you look to be in a spot of bother, if you really and i mean really need a hand just tell me and i might be able to provide some warp-based assistance. oh and send my regards to queen whatzername, when you see her.”

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Michael’s eyes narrowed.
I’ll…consider your offer, Collect… he said, as the other archangels looked back at him.

“Brother, you seem distressed. Is something bothering you?” Raphael asked.
"It’s nothing, Raphael. It’s just that this entire scene is very disheartening. " Michael half lied, motioning to the ruin around everyone.

He was upset about what happened to Celerion, but that wasn’t everything that bothered him.

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The ghost pulled out several strange containers and flipped silently through his notes until he found a particular entry and began opening the containers and cautiously removing their contents to begin another experiment.

He tapped the top of the table in thought and then began mixing various quantities and combinations of these substances. There wasn’t real rhyme or reason behind this experiment; this was just for the ghost’s own amusement.

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Adam walks over to Richard looking at the head. He recognized it. It was Llillaa’s.
“Considering the damage. I’m guessing our enemies got here before we did.”

Xano takes the scraps of weapons he finds lying around. If he was lucky he might find some energy sources

Akem looks solemnly at the body. Seeker stands and asks,
“Was she your friend?”
Akem looks at Seeker, people were here,
“Something like that. You can call me C# 0003”
Akem picks up the body,
“The surface structures are gone… but our underground complexes are still operational… If I remember correctly.”
He looks at Adam,
“That man can show to one of our military bases. I do believe our Eetamaa is destroyed. Well, the cannon is destroyed. I’m unsure of what the Xir’algath did to the Slip Ring. That may still be functional, since unlike the others it never orbited our planet.”
Akem was out enough for Adam and most likely the rest to hear.

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As Bruce stepped out of the portal with Connor close by, his Endo-Sym Armor System was acting up. “Well, this was easy.” He said while ignoring the System.
Mot minding if someone followed him or not he stepped on a few Celestial corpses, feeling their lifeless metal bodies crush under his foot.

“Mercy, scan for every life force activity, I want every perimeter checked.” He said to Mercy. “Right away, Boss.” She said before giving a complete scan over every perimeter, his HUD scan showed zero life forms.

His expression went from being blank to perplexed. “There is no life form on Celerion, are you sure?” He asked. Maybe the AI was fuzzing around but Mercy gave another check and showed him the same results.

“Who could have done such a thing,” Connor said as he appeared beside his mentor. “I thought Celestials were powerful.”

Bruce gives him a half nod. “Well, looks like whoever did this, was stronger.” He then turned his attention towards the group, clearly taking the role of the Leader because no one volunteered and Mark didn’t seem to get his act through together either, and he didn’t want for the Angels out of anywhere to take command.

“The place looks dead as well as its former inhabitants lifeforms, nothing to do about it. What we can do is stay sharp and be on your guard.” He said with a rather leaderish tone.

“We don’t know if whoever destroyed this place is still here or not.” His right hand formed into a repulsor cannon and he took position to walk up first with Connor behind him, being the head of the pack, his HUD constantly scanning for any threat.

“No need to be so tense. We’re the oy people here.” Mark tried to assure Bruce, though he himself felt a bit uneasy.

“C# 0003, can you point the way to the underground complexes? Perhaps some survivors could have taken refuge there.” Said Michael.

“I can. They’re not too far from here, although the entrances may be a bit buried. I’ll take a moment, tho. I want to bury my friend along.” He grabs other pieces of the body that were lying around,
“My friend doesn’t deserve to be buried here. I’ll take you there now.”
The android-like being stands up and walks away, heading north of their current position.

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Mark, Richard, The Angels and everyone else followed.