Cauldron Bubbles

“Ah, the sound of a new being brewing…”

The damp air of the lab was thick with scents, oils and perfumes integral to the processes the tall being in the center of it all was performing. It hung in the spaces between the stones of the floor, moving and giving way as he moved from table to tub to rack in a practiced and inspired act of creation that he and his were known for. From wall to wall, the sound of bubbles breaking the surfaces of liquids thick and thin popped and attempted to echo, few of which succeeded.

“With a touch of the Tahtorak sample suspended in the solution containing several other sequences of desired traits, the power of this new consciousness seems to be exactly what I’m looking for.” The being reached down into the draining tub and retrieved a crystal, filled with a dull red light that seemed to react to being moved. “With luck and the blessing of the Great Spirit, hopefully, THIS is the mixture we need…” Tucking the crystal under his arm, the being activated his Kanohi Komau and probed into it as he walked, running checks he considered standard as he pulled a lever on the wall with his free hand.

A pair of heavy metal doors opened and revealed a large room with a gangplank, in the center of which stood a massive red and black body, sinew and plates of protodermis stretched over each other to form a powerful quadrupedal form. The being ascended one of the service ladders near the form, and onto the thin gangway hanging over its head. Double checking his measurements, he squatted over the open cavity at the top of the beast’s head and began to carefully lower the crystal into it. His Komau had put the consciousness inside into a torpor, preventing it from taking command of the body too soon and hurting either itself or him.

After hooking up a few conduits, sealing a provisionary killswitch module over the hole in the head assembly, and relocating to a platform near the exit, the being relaxed his grip over the new mind in stages, allowing it more and more control over its own body as it showed promise. First a step, then walking. Then something like recognition in its eyes. A chirp, then a roar. Running, jumping through the obstacles laid before it. And finally, fire.

Triumphant at the end of its trials, the powerful prototype of the Kanohi Dragon reared back and roared a gout of flame that bored a hole in the ceiling of its containment zone, some messenger Rahi and a few Matoran falling into its enclosure.

The being did not intervene, there were others to do so. “Perfect.” Beneath his masks mouth plate, Makuta Mauhuti smiled. He returned to his laboratory, and begin documenting the test results feverishly, along with alterations to the body of the production models he’s like to make.