Cave Dragon (Gorzan + PoE combo)

so for whatever reason i decided i wanted to combine gorzan with korgot

this was the result

it has an empty eye socket because it lives underground and stuff idk

back shottttttttttt

close up of the head

o no he gon kill me

I’ll be honest, I really don’t like the top half of the head. It’s a fist on a foot. It looks dumb. However, after spending days trying new head designs, I found I didn’t have much of an option.

CC is welcomed as always, and if you’re interested, instructions will be up soon.



Yeah the head kinda is terrible, The body is pretty okay, it does look pretty good for a combiner though.


The head through me off, wish I had a suggestion for it, but I have not really made a custom head before. The color scheme is nice.

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I can kinda see where you were going with the head design, but the hand on top ruins the look of it. The rest of it is pretty nice though, especially those big front legs and the spike ball tail.

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I’m just curious what the open socket would look like with a mixel eye in it


Either really goofy or really disturbing. Or both. Let me see if I can replicate it.


I suppose it’s a matter of taste whether this Cyclops should have retained its eye of innocence or not.


Please add a mixle eye into that socket empty socket.


It is amazing

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that looks amazing

if only korgot or gorzan came with any balljoints

Maybe remove the fist to make the head look not terribad.\

But the rest is p cool.

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