Cave story

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I only recently started playing cave story +, but so far I am loving it

cave story + download if anyone wants to play it

its a great game

Discuss down below I guess


What exactly is "Cave story"?


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I downloaded the Deluxe Package, what are the controls? I don't see any menus or tutorials anywhere.

Z is jump
X is attack

A and S are to scroll through weapons

Q is inventory
W is map

left arrow key is well to move left
right arrow key is to move right
up arrow key is to look up
Down arrow key is to open doors, and interact in general

also, z and x can be used to speed up text or whatever

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I'm pretty sure I've almost completed Cave Story, and feel able to give my two cents about it. I'm currently stuck at the I assume four-staged Misery and the doctor boss fight. Man, that one is great!
I'll be hiding everything story-specific. Don't spoil yourselves, you dummies.


The four weapons in your arsenal - the burst laser pistol, the missile launcher, the fireball gun and the throwing sword - were all really diverse and well-balanced. The pistol had a fairly long range and was suitable for pretty much everything, the missile launcher kicked like a mule but had limited ammo, the fireballs bounced here there and everywhere roasting grounded enemies effectively and the sword hit hard and fast but required you to get up close. It's better to have a small amount of unique weapons than to have a large variety of uninteresting ones.

I had fun using all the weapons and I was able to try different playstyles at any given time. I enjoyed experiementing with the weapons on all the different enemies and finding my favourite methods to exterminate the cannon fodder. There weren't any nescessity to use a specific weapon, and that's something I always love seeing. (I suppose this was more about the level and enemy design, but I digress. Every weapon was viable.)

Leveling up the weapons was quick and easy, but there was yet another fun catch to it: the weapons would degrade whenever you hurt yourself. And with every level being way more enjoyable than the previous, I avoided throwing myself to the hordes of enemies with guns blazing more than I would've otherwise. I found the pistol replacing machine gun a tad bit too handy when fully upgraded, with the way you were able to fly with the use of the recoil. I occasionally felt bad for cheesing enemies by floating on top of them, raining death upon the cute, defenceless murderous critters. I would also like to give an honourable mention to the level 3 sword: Seeing the ghost of the fallen mimiga deliver vengeance posthumously made me want to use the weapon more often.

Level and enemy design

I didn't find Cave Story all that interesting aesthetically. Pixel art doesn't make the game any more intriguing, but it wasn't badly executed. The character design wasn't anything to write home about, either: we've all seen dragons and giant insects in video games before. The anthro bunnies mimigas were cute and all, but I personally mixed them up with each other quite often. I would have liked to see more experssive sprites but sadly that was possible only with bigger foes like the box troll Balrog.

Thematically the levels weren't new or surprising, either: you have your industrial and forest areas as well as desert and water levels. The levels themselves had hardly any surprises or obscure puzzles (which is, for the most part, a good thing). I only got stuck in the Sand World for being an idiot and not finding where to dump the puppies. It took me longer than I would like to admit. The last bit of the water level was a blast! I didn't expect the sudden switch to side shoot 'em up. I can't really blame the part for being too easy because it still used the basic mechanics of the main game.

While being fairly predictable and all, the levels were well polished and thought out. I hardly found any glitchy or otherwise seemingly unintentional pathways, and the enemies and save points were well spread out on the levels.

As I mentioned before, the combat was really enjoyable. The basic enemy hordes didn't give much challenge but annhilating the cute pixelated bats and other wildlife felt rewarding nonetheless. There was enough diversity with the enemy types; the enemy positioning on the levels varied enough for my liking (I only got a tad bored after seeing a giant swarm of flying enemies on almost every level.) The basic enemies got more abilities on the following stages which made the mass murder of the puny critters a delight all the way to the end.

The boss fights, while being fairly short, were Cave Story's high point. All of them progressed the story one way or the other and were the best situations to practice different techniques for all the fancy weapons. Every boss had several movesets nor did the bosses force you to use a gimmicky new item or weapon to defeat them (I'm looking at you, Zelda) - they all rather had a single, straight-forward win condition:

Less is more, am I right?

Also, fighting Misery was alway super fun (implying that the other boss fights weren't fun which they most certainly were). I have a thing for witch boss fights, I guess.


For the most part Cave Story's story made me feel bad, and I love tragic stories that make me feel like a horrible person. The story had some heavy moments, and the smack talk before boss fights was enjoyable. I just didn't think it went far enough with its heavy parts to make me emotional. I guess that's just because I didn't really care for the mimigas...

My favourite part was when the girl robot sacrificed herself to save me from drowning. I had formed an emotional connection with her: we had a shared objective, I had traded weapons with her and fought monsters alongside her. And then she threw her life away for my sake. That's when I realized that everyone around me will die. That moment pulled my heartstrings more than anything in the game, more than figuring out the doctors plan for the mimigas. And still I can't remember her name... To be fair, I have a hard time memorizing names, and didn't remember anyone else's name.

I feel like there's still a few points I'd like to make about the game, but this will have to do for now. I'll come back to this reply after I've actually finished my playthrough. Cave Story has been a really fun game, and I enjoyed every moment I've spent with it. Except for the last few minutes of my idiotic adventure to find what to do with the puppies in Sand World, but I can't blame the game for my malfunctioning wit. The fact that it's free makes it impossible for me to not recommend it.

I've beaten Cave Story so many times I can't count. It's just so fun open_mouth

Favorite indie game of all time.