Ccbs 2001 characters

I've been on a bit of a moccing spree the past few days, making a bunch of 01 stuff.

First up, Lewa: toa of air

The cold shoulder himself, Kopaka: toa of ice

The funnyman, Pohatu: toa of stone

The slowest guard, Kapura

And last but not least, the artisan, Hafu

Thank you for viewing.
( I only just realised that I made the phantoka sub-team. )


I love how you kept the scale close to their 2001 versions, rather than scaling them up to Inika size like most other revamps do coughcallancough


Lewa is probably my favorite, though the neon green is a bit excessive, maybe black would look better.
Kopaka is also really good, but man does that mask make the neck look awkward.
And uh, Pohatu has a beer belly?

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They are look in' real good.

I especially like Lewa's hand...

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I think pohatu is too fat. But I really like the rest of them. Nice job :grin:


Looks good!

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Personally love them, but I think Pohatu may have put on a few pounds.


Pohatu looks fat haha.
Kopaka could use more white.

Good work anyway! :smiley:

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what is hafu doing in that pose?

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He's eyeing Pohatu and using his pick for some kind of ruler.


you guys do remember what Pohatu looks like, right?
He didn't get swole til 08,
I'll admit the rounded shield perhaps makes him a bit too spherical (and to that I say there's so little brown in constraction it's pretty much all I can do),
but he's always been chunky.

We were spoiled by g2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm glad people like them.


Yeah I get that, he's too round I feel, he can be tubby all he wants.

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oh. What about kapura?

Either he's walking or doing some kind of dance thing like in the scene in MNOG where the Ta-Matoran find Tahu.

You were supposed to say "walking." But that works too.
Because that's what he says. Get it?

I was going to go for that, but he may very well be doing something else, either that or @Payinku put him in some random pose and we're reading way too far in.

I am pretty sure it's supposed to be this.


It is I, your nemesis, Kapura!
(I really like these)


Rip Matoro


The flag is nice...