CCBS compatible non-Lego part

So I went to town today, and bought a small puzzle. Turns out this £1 puzzle is my greatest non-Lego purchase to date. This is the MINI IQ-SPIL from the shop tiger. Roll the pictures:

Completed puzzle

Parts of the puzzle

Their compatability

Even with armor parts!

No more using ball joints and axles for me!

The store I went to was in England (where I live) so I do not now if these are available anywhere else.
Please discuss and if you have any ridiculously compatible non Lego items, post pictures of them


Oh my
Time to go to Europe

This is an amazing find! I would have no more problems searching for ball joints in my Lego bins! If I lived in Europe…

That’s awesome!

I once used those things as feet for some dumb tablescrap a while ago.


Too bad they don’t have compatible pin holes…they’re basically useless without anything else to connect to.

Wow that is really weird they fit perfect

Oh my, you gonna male some crazy mocs now?