After Bionicle G1 was cancelled back in 2010, Greg Farshtey revealed some details about where the story would’ve gone if Bionicle had continued. He told us that there were plans for Mata Nui and company to travel to a world of robotic dinosaurs, and that an entire year would’ve taken place on the Red Star. Because of this, many fans were intrigued to know what it would’ve been like if Bionicle had never ended-what the story would’ve looked like. And yeah, I’ve been curious about that, too. But the other thing I’m curious about is how CCBS would’ve factored into it.

Contrary to popular belief, CCBS was not designed exclusively for Hero Factory. It was intended to be the action figure equivalent of normal Lego bricks. Lego wanted it to be used for every action figure line, hence why they used it for Bionicle G2. We know that CCBS was launched in 2011, so…what if Bionicle had lived to see that year, and it had switched from Technic to CCBS?

Personally, I’m kinda mixed on the idea. On the one hand, we’ve seen Hero Factory and Bionicle G2 use CCBS to make some really good sets. But on the other hand, Bionicle G1 used its Technic system for so many years, it would’ve been jarring for it to suddenly change to a sleeker, more bare-bones system. Sure, they could’ve tried to merge Technic and CCBS, but we saw the 2016 Bionicle sets try that, and the results were…arguable in terms of quality.

The best way I can think of for CCBS to be implemented into G1 is for Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and whatever Glatorian and Agori decide to follow them to find the portal that brings them into the world with the robot dinosaurs, and then that portal will warp them and turn them into new, sleeker forms. Think along the lines of the temporal warp that caused the ninjas’ appearances to change in Season 8 of Ninjago. And then later Tahu, Gali, Takanuva, and the other MU inhabitants could’ve somehow gone through the same change.


CCBS in G1


I personally thought the 2016 sets were solid, if anything.


Yeah I agree. Especially Umarak (Hunter and Destroyer), Ekimu, Kopaka, and Lewa were the highlights for me.


I mean, Lewa’s design was passable, but his weapons killed it for me.

These probably were the best sets 2016 had to offer. But the rest were pretty mixed.

Kopaka’s colour scheme in 2016 was pretty bad (gold… kneepads? Only?), but his build was nice. Umarak the Hunter and Ekimu were the two best canister-scale builds from G2, from what I’ve seen of them.

But I think the 2016 sets, while still stylistically very distinct from G1 sets (TRANSLUCENCY) proved that something can be made with CCBS that doesn’t look out of place next to G1 stuff.

That said, if G1 did go in that direction, I don’t actually think CCBS would have tried as hard to conform to the previous aesthetic. They would have maybe created an in-story reason for it (like how HF did) but I think they would have looked even less “Bionicle” than the eventual G2 sets, which specifically decided to try and take CCBS and make it more Bionicle-ey. If Bionicle had CCBS from the start than that intentional design decisin wouldn’t have come about.


It makes a lot of sense that CCBS was coming regardless of which brand it was attached to, and have no doubt that it would have led to years of fan arguments over if the series was on the decline.

I mean, Bionicle stopped pretending to be Technic by 2006 at the very latest. The Stars line (and 08/09 small sets) are essentially proto-CCBS, with their focus on being Gallidor form over function.

I think had Bionicle continued, we would have seen a few years of poorly-received, overly-smooth, characters not in keeping with the earlier style. Eventually they would have reached the CCBS / function blend of 2016 G2, just in time for the theme to super-die.

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Yeah, either they should have given him a gold unity piece and gold sword blades or replaced the gold on his thighs with the silver crystal add-ons from Gali. But Kopaka is the best Uniter, hands down.

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The early days of Hero Factory emphasized the ability to “build your own hero.” As such, the 1.0 - 3.0 heroes included a lot of the same parts in a variety of colors. However, many of the villains included individualized builds and parts. After all, they were one-off characters, so this made complete sense.

If CCBS had been introduced into G1, I believe LEGO might’ve gone in an approach similar to those HF villains. Hypothetically, the figures would use the CCBS bones and shells we’re familiar with, but they’d also include elements tailored to each individual character. For instance, some fire parts for Ackar. Perhaps these elements would’ve been more greebled to match the classic look.

Also, just make sure to stay on topic. There are discussions for the 2016 sets if you wish to discuss those.


True that. But the vehicle sets relied heavily on Technic.

I’ll have to agree with that. Not only was Kopaka himself a decent figure, but you didn’t have to buy him and the creature separately. They both came together.

Yeah, I like that idea.

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Maybe if we got CCBS in Bionicle, it would never have gotten as controversial in the first place. That said, CCBS had a bit of a rough start design wise and it took a bit for the designers to get a handle on its strengths and weaknesses, so I figure the same would apply if it started in Bionicle.


Onua Uniter was a pretty amazing set(in fact, he’s my favorite Bionicle set of all time), he had a unique weapon, an identifiable silhouette, plenty of recolors, etcetera. I’d say it’s a better set than Kopaka. The 2015 Toa are also all pretty excellent.

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I think it would need to be mixed with technic to properly shine but for small sets like Matoran it would have been perfect in my opinion.

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Like I’ve said in the past, I regret not getting more G2 sets. I only ever got 2015 Tahu, but in retrospect, all of the 2015 Toa ranged from solid to amazing. And I have a feeling that, if I got any of the Protectors, I would’ve been able to find enjoyment in them, too.


Most of the Protectors are great, but Narmoto and Izotor are the worst of the bunch.

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CCBS has entered G1 Canon with the Artakha MOC by @Connor_Hoffman


I was thinking mostly of official Lego sets, but yeah, I guess so.

I think it would have gone well, honestly. I’m not sure if the community would have bought in to whatever story reason was given for the change in aesthetic, but it would have been accepted eventually.

As for sets, the Protectors showed us how great Matoran-sized CCBS sets can be, so I doubt that would have been a concern. Titans would have been fine too, I’d say. Fire Lord and Witch Doctor both came out in CCBS’ first year, and both do an excellent job of mixing CCBS with Technic. Heck, Witch Doctor is still praised as one of the best CCBS sets of all time.

Canister sets are the only things I could see being an issue, because there’s a decent chance they could have wound up being just like the barebones 2011 Hero sets. That said, it’s equally likely they’d have turned out like the standard-sized 2011 villain sets, which were all wacky, varied, intensely creative designs. It would have been a different aesthetic for sure, but CCBS was used excellently from the beginning, so I think CCBS G1 would probably have been fine.

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The staleness of the Inika build was part of what killed G1. A new building system would likely have revitalized the line somewhat.


Could I possibly agree more?

That always bugged me. They created a new building system every year up until 2006, until they just reused the Inika and Piraka builds for almost every figure. But then again, CCBS was pretty much the same system every year it was in use, so…that’s a point against it, I guess?