CCBS Mata fusion parts

Hey guys, I wanted to show off a project me and my SO have been working on. We'd plan on selling them in the future. We actually have a contest going to select some people to buy our first test run. But before I do that I wanted to show what we've made.


Thats the gallery of parts. If you guys want I'll post the contest alittle later.
But, this is my first post and I hope to make a great impression!

Inserted image for hotbar -legomaster


I have no words to describe the amazing work you and your SO I dont know what that is have done, all I can say is that you have an amazing "talent" I suposse


welcome, and yes you really did


SO = Significant Other aka boy/girlfriend

These are neat improvements, especially the swivel im the mata torso, although the limbs seem longer than the original single-piece


Thank you! SO is significant other, I figured it was a quicker way of saying Boyfriend.
If I was to sell parts like this would you be interested?

not me because printed parts are really expensive, but a lot of others would

new things are learnt everyday,

that's american english, learnt is british, if internet didn't lie to me


They are a bit longer, but at the same time I wanted the parts to be alittle bit bigger. I guess its personal preference.


These 3D prints look really great, IMO, and are quite a neat concept. Will these be available on Shapeways anytime soon?

Very cool! My only complaint is that there are very few connection points for... anything.


well pretty much like the original one

Fair enough, though to some extent that was a flaw that can be corrected here.

Well, there are very few connection points for the original Mata parts. I didn't see much point in adding more than what was already there. I feel at that point it might be detracting from the original design more.

As for price points, a full kit (full torso, two legs, weapon arm, and alt arm) are 20$ with free shipping in the US

That's the link if anyone is interested in trying out our first wave run before we release them as a sold product!

I have but one last question, have you tried using the gear function on the torso? I would love to see a video about that with the entire figure using those pieces

Yeah I could do that, I'll print a new part with gear function tonight


Dang, 20 bucks isn't too bad. Any chance of you just selling legs or arms? The body doesn't interest me as much. Great work!

Of course, the reason its a full kit instead of individual right now is we we want to get feedback and make sure people would actually enjoy these!

In the future the parts individually will be available for purchase as well as other parts.

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This looks positively amazing. Fantastic work, really looking forward to seeing these when they are finally released. Great work.

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The future.

These also arnt the only parts we plan on working on. I'm open to suggestions and more than willing to make custom parts as well as answer any 3D printing questions.

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Heck yeah! Sounds great!

If they were individually sold would you buy them?