Ccbs torso without ccbs (community project?)

Hey everyone I have a little challenge for you all. Which is try to make a ccbs torso or as close as you can get to one with all sorts of pieces.

(To the people how know where to put this and if it counts as a community project or not feel free to move it and change it)



Seems like a fun idea. Watch this space.

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Thanks. What do you mean by “watch this space”

It should be up soon.

EDIT: This is the best I could come up with in a couple of minutes. Missing all the technic pinholes but I can’t think of any solution to that problem just yet.

EDIT 2: This actually has more poseability than the normal torso as it can rotate at the waist, so if you have a collection of hero factory sets that you want to give some more poseability and that don’t need the technic pin holes this could be a good upgrade.


This is fantastic! It’s not what I had in mind but it’s better!

This is my cheat method. This torso uses the same principle as my Minecraft head floor. It’s as strong as BricksofAwesome’s design if you add open 1x1 round plates to the hose to reinforce it.

It’s fully adjustable and breaks lego’s grid system depending on the length of hose. You could even adjust it to exact human proportions if you wanted to.

The chart above is scaled precisely to a Toa Mata head. As you can see, the shoulders are a tad too wide and the trunk is way too short, but that can be adjusted with different hoses.

Ideally, you’d use a bigger chart since lego pieces are too large and imprecise to work at this scale. Human contours are too finite to achieve with lego, so this chart is really more an approximation than anything and I wouldn’t follow it too closely.

But yeah tl;dr you can get close to human proportions if you “stretch” ccbs torsos with this method.


I like this one a lot the usage of system is really nice as well