Celestial Takanuva

This is one of the few revamps I've done, but my favourite of the lot.

As you can tell, I drew inspiration from samurai, hence the bulky design and back-flag (I forget the Japanese word for it).

He's also considerably taller than his original form, but a little shorter than Dark Takanuva.

Yes, the back is a bit monochromatic, I couldn't find any gold parts that flowed well with it.

Overall, not my best MOC, but I'm proud of it.


now if only he could use that flag as a weapon

is gud

real good


hes good but he needs more detailed blades maybe give them the Katana style guard or something like that also look online for the 2003 Takanuva to get the solid gold mask

Actually, I really like the semi-translucent mask. It pops out from the rest of his body more, makes it really obvious that it's an important mask. Also, his name is "Celestial Takanuva," so the weird ephemeral mask goes well with that, I think.
And yes, I will revamp his katana o, they're pretty basic right now.

That's awesome.

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From the back, it almost looked like you could make a gearbox. I even thought it WAS a custom gearbox at first glance.

Also, @Whaddon The original Avokii was a darker shade of Gold, so it would look even more out of place if used.

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that looks pretty cool

I'm really not a fan or the shoulder area, but I like the idea behind this.

This moc looks really good. I actually like the mask use, I just gave it to my Takua riding Pewku because it didn't look right anywhere else. 10/10

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This is an interesting build.

I like it! smile

The shoulders seem a bit low and the flag looks a little awkward, but other than that, it's pretty good.

Good, original take on Takanuva- I like the idea of giving him a samurai theme

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Appearance - 4/5: I think he needs a bit more gold, and the black bits stand out too much compared to white.
Build - 4.5/5: Great usage of the Bohrok ribcage, awesome, just plain awesome.
Concept - 4.5/5: Captures Takanuva really well, just the samurai swords stick out to me a bit.

Summary: 13/15, great MOC, keep up the good work!

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It's not great, but it's actually a fair bit better than your older stuff. I like the proportions and that it portrays Takanuva as a samurai.

I approve.

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What don't you like about it?

Well, quite a few things. The torso is rather awkward, making him look a tad pudgy. The color layering is spot on, but could be blocked a tad better, and, although I don't expect this from many people, the textures are wild.

The shoulders are also pretty weird.

Alright, I concede that the shoulders are off, and I have a lot of respect for you, but I don't see why you feel the need to judge so harshly, especially considering that your MOCs don't have all these things. I'm not trying to be bitter, just saying, you really shouldn't expect people to be as good as, if not better at MOCing than you.

tldr; don't judge so harsh

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you think that was too harsh?


If you want criticism, Your in the right spot. If you don't want criticism, just say so. Though I find it good. But any who...

puts MOC critique hat on

The Color Scheme is well done. +5
Dat Crystal Avohkii doh. +20
Tried custom. +5

The Shoulders, as many people said. -10
By the looks of it, No CCBS. The pieces are reliable. Use them. -10

The swords seems out of place, or something. 0
The mask is out of place, but does have a celestial feel to it. 0

10. You are better at MOCing than me. I applaud you. BTW, I suck.

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