Cere, Deity of Jungle (PoJ + Uxar Combo)

i made combo

he uses his swords to slice stuff

side view

back view

have instruction



This has to be my favorite out of all of them so far
It has really nice torso design

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That’s pretty awesome! His general shaping is neat.

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I wanna see Master x Uniter combos…

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i tried that with lewa

it uh

didn’t work out

but i’m willing to try again


I enjoy the color presentation here. Centralizing the keetorange to certain points on the figure adds a sense of balance to the overall color scheme.

At first I was a bit concerned that the torso design would look a bit clunky, but the PoJ masks flows nicely with the rest of him, and the wing assembly is fairly simple.

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Pretty sweet.
I enjoy the construction of the torso.

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Update: Now that I’m home, I’ve updated the main post with some additional angles.