Cerizaur: Ancient Saurian Warlord

So yeah- I made this guy. Pretty proud of him, as he is a revamp of my oldest official MOC. I deviated a lot from the original source material, but I think he looks good.

And yes, before you ask, he is inspired by Endeavor by Alierrah.
Still thinking up story relevance for him- I’ll get back to you guys on that.

Hope you like it!


I didn’t want anyone to mention that until I saw you mention it.

The moc defiantly gives an intense stance.
Those back “fins” on the top of the head help give a “tribal” look and those arms have some issues from connections (I can see a rubber band used), but the outcome is still solid.

And I don’t like how the tail is blocky while everything else is curved/textured.


well that’s amazing, it looks a little bit weird if you watch him from the front since it makes it look like his legs are really short

This is really good, I like the colour scheme.

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omg dude. the build on this guy is just incredible. i know it’s early , but this could end up as a contender for MOC of the year in December. everything about it is so well designed and sculpted. the color scheme and overall motif are just excellent.

This guy looks amazing! I love the dinosaur head! I mean, at first glance it annoyed me that it had human posture rather than dinosaur, but I can get behind it if he’s sentient in the story or something. I really like the eye colors!

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The legs are short but other than that i love it

especially that sweet




I love it! Other than the tail, everything looks well-done

I think he looks pretty distinct- after all, he’s wearing longer pants. Seriously though, he’s excellent, and nicely uses the light azure connectors in the eyes.

how did i miss this glorious moc with great texturing when you first uploaded it.