Cerranda, Toa of Psionics

I wanted to make a refrence to Get Dunked by Falconshield, but I can't make it work. Let's get into the MOC.

This time I am going to paste the description from my DA page here.

"Its not ker-ran-da, its ser-ran-da. The name is derived "Cerebellum" and "Amanda." Now that pronunciation is out of the way, let's talk about this Bonkle.

Anyways, this is Cerranda, Toa of Psionics. You could say she is a fluke. A freak accident turned this Ce-matoran into toa of Psionics. As of result of this, Cerranda considers herself above the Toa code itself. This has often lead to her to taking money for jobs, doing secret jobs, and and claiming her targets died out of pure accident (when in reality she let them fall to their deaths and things of that nature). Even though Cerranda considers herself above the Toa Code, she seems to regret some of the decisions she makes. But she won't admit to this outright.

But when she is not violating the Toa code on a regular basis, Cerranda has been known to help matoran get work done and train her psionic powers.

But what is she holding? Those are Psionic amplifiers. They allow her to multi task basically. They can turn little amounts of Psionic energy into the amounts she needs to levitate objects. The point of the amplifiers is to aid a user, not empower them. But Cerranda seems to forget this from time to time and ends up going berserk from the power overflow."

I'm pretty sure there is a rule in the Toa code that says you can't do what the dark hunters do for work. Let's just roll with it for now.

As you can tell the torso is using a custom build. It is a modified version of one I saw on the web.

Why the Trans-blue Ruru? 1. I like how the mask looks, 2. I wanted to use it, 3.Cerranda is a unique toa, and 4.It was either this or the adaptive armor kaukau.

And before anyone gets on my case for breaking up the color scheme, these wings are not apart of her biology. They are designed to allow her to fly and use her powers at the same time if she needs to... kind of like the amplifiers and how they let her multi-task.

Speaking of color scheme: I know what it is. But I think this is close enough. Plus I had a lot of keet-orange and very little gold laying around.


So as usual, tell me what you think. The MOC is a bit simplistic, but I really like the backstory I came up with. Plus this MOC actually took a while to make.


I'm not usually very harsh, but I'll be blunt; not a fan. Legs and arms are very simplistic, doesn't strike me as female, and the Matoro shoulder thing looks bad as chest armor IMO, at least the way you used it. Sorry :/

Jeez man...

Guess I can't win them all.

Sorry, I really am, I'm just not a fan. On the brightside, the general idea is cool, wings are cool, frame for the torso is cool, and if you look at my Self MOC topic and read through that, my Self MOC was MUCH worse than this. Like, a lot worse.

Don't worry, I get where you're comming from. That's why I said I can't win them all. It's just dang, that blunt-ness (pardon the rag-tag spelling) right off the bat caught me off guard.

Yeah, I'm slowly learning the ways of Darth Ekorak...

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-arms are pretty simplistic. The upper arms look bare and the lower arms need a little armor.
-Her torso isn't too good color-wise. It's mostly keetorange with no dark blue and a bit of pure yellow. The sockets near her shoulders kinda poke out too.
-Flip the armor on her upper legs.
-But some back armor on her upper legs.
-The wings make her look like a makuta.
-No back shot.

Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is Consistent, but Ruru is slightly odd-looking
  • Torso Build is pretty N-Ice snowflake
  • Amplifiers are Meh
  • Back of legs are not covered

I would give this MOC an 8/10.

Great Job! smiley

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I don't know, I think it looks awkward when I add armor to the lower arms.

I'll give you that, but I think the yellow parts fit. But people are welcome to disagree with me.

I'm actually going to say no. There are sets that do this (Gelu, off the top of my head) and I think it makes more sense.

Don't have the parts to do so and I don't like how it looks (I've tried it before).

Well to be fair, she is morally questionable toa.

Okay, I'll give you that.

Why do I have to address this twice? No. It would limit articulation and I don't like how it would look.

Well it was the Ruru or an Adaptive armor KauKau, as I said initially. I went with the lesser of two evils... and I like Trans-blue.

if I can find a way to improve them, I will.

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Here's the thing; there are ways. You just need to find them. Also, for the Inika Thigh, you could literally add another Inika Armor Piece to the back. Also, if you see a point twice or more, it might be a flaw the community sees.

I'm guessing its from a limited amount of pieces.

That's Great. :smile:

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I enjoyed the backstory to it! Rebel Toa is always nice (if a bit over done). The build would benefit a lot if she had some armour on her upper arms. Just anything and she would look a lot more complete. If this MOC is finished and you're not going to add to it then ignore this. However if you are up for changes, I would perhaps suggest a cape or some fabric on her. I feel like her body in general is very plain and needs something on the back.

I'll give this a 7/10

nice work lad

But I don't agree with the community...

Yup. Never did get a lot of sets as a kid and I have been meaning to get more parts.

I for one like this moc. I love the torso. The upper arms could use some kind of armor. Upper legs could use some more armor on the back. Lower legs are fine if a bit basic. I like the mask. I just wish it was solid blue but I'm guessing you don't have it so it's fine. praise the ruru Pretty good all together but it is really basic.

  • color blocking is all over the place
  • orange eyes do not compliment the colors
  • shoulders look terribad
  • in fact, the entire upper torso is bad

not a fan.

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Then why would you want to post a MOC if you know critique of all kinds would be pulled out? I'm not trying to say you're a bad person or anything, but I feel like you are trying to shoot down most of our criticism. :wink:


I like this.
Simple, decent custom torso, great colors.

Simple MOC, great backstory. So, it's basically neither good nor evil?

I really like the MOC, the colors are enjoyable. I just don't get why everyone is seemingly obsessed with psionics. It seems that everyone has a toa of psionics, or something like that, there's just so many, I just don't understand, man. (Still a great MOC imo btw ttyl kthxbai lel)

Plural, I am fully noting every critique and criticism I get. I don't like adding armor to those areas of my MOCs. This decision of mine is based on personal preferences.

I would more say she is Chaotic Good.

Really? I did not know that.

I approve.
My only criticism is that her feet are a bit over-sized. Other than that, nice concept, solid build.