CGI vs Stop Motion

well, what's better actual products or computer generated images.

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Both are fine, depending the way that they are executed.

I personally like CGI better, because it's more "professional" and cleaner. Plus, it's cool to see the sets as realistic computer generated 3D models.


I prefer CGI, its just executed better most of the time.


Really depends on how it's executed and he context of the project.


I read it as CGL verses stop motion and didn't know what it was at first smile

Stop motion...


Pretty much my opinion on it.

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Going to say CGI because without CGI these two extremely nostalgic wouldn't have been possible:


Gonna agree with everyone who said it really depends. Stop motion is often better for things that are supposed to be "quirky," like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline.


I dislike both for the stop motion not being as smooth as can be.

I love both for the stop motion being incredibly smooth. XD There were actually a lot of people who thought Coraline was CGI, it was that well-done. Still, if that style doesn't appeal to your preferences, not much anyone can say will change that.

What did you think about the Lego Movie, which was CGI made to look like stop motion?


I thought it was great, I remember listening to a interview with someone and some stuff they said was about how realistic and detail he even said that if you look closely you can see dust on the Lego pieces.


Interesting. Any idea why you liked that better than normal stop-motion?

Well... CGI is better because it lets the characters move faster without flaw, better positions, don't need any parts (well the digital version), plus its faster and less physical power.


I dunno, I guess I just like the handcrafted look of (good) stop-motion. I don't really have much of a preference, though.


Stop Motion is wonderful if executed right. Making good props, making good details, and editing can make a scene shot in Stop Motion look pretty realistic. Just look at the original trilogy of Star Wars! All the space scenes are shot in Stop Motion.


The only time I think about her is when I see one of her posts. That goes for everyone else too...


I have a soft spot for stop-motion. It's relatively simple to pull off, and when it's done very well it looks phenomenal.

CGI is very difficult to pull off well on a limited budget. But it's much less cumbersome and offers a much wider possible scope for projects then stopmotion ever could.

...and they all look incredibly dated now. :stuck_out_tongue: But they're still charming IMO.


I like good stopmotion. Like Brotherhood Workshop.

CGI is good, but it is rather expensive. Stopmotion is good, and pretty much anyone can do it.

Stop motion, hands down. I'm an animation fan and I have seen a lot from both types of animation. Although CGI can look amazing, Stop motion is easier and the animation can look just as good as good CGI if not better.

Keep in mind that this is my opinion.

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