Change of Command

"Yes Teridax?" Miserix was working on something and didn't bother to turn around.

"My liege, Bitil has returned from his scouting mission. He says he has urgent news." Teridax said.

"It can wait."


"I am busy."

"Lord, he says the Dark Hunters are mobilizing. Odina is preparing for war."

Miserix turned. His Great Mask of Shadows was contorted into an expression of pure wrath. He strode quickly towards the door. Teridax followed, and the two being's entered the hallway. They started walking towards the conference room.

"You've led our brotherhood into prosperity." Teridax stated.

"Indeed. It is curious that the Shadowed One would dare attack us when we are so mighty."

"I believe I know their reasoning. There is a weakness among us, my liege. It permeates our ranks."

"A weakness? Teridax, I do not understand."

"I was as surprised as you when I discovered it."

"Very well. I am placing you in charge of finding and eliminating this weakness."

"Of course."

Pain suddenly shot through Miserix's body. He looked down. A sword jutted out from his armored chest. Green gas poured out from the wound.

"Teridax.... You traitor...."

"Traitor?" Teridax asked innocently, moving around to face his victim. "But I am merely doing as you commanded. I am removing the weakness from our cause."

Miserix's eyes widened. "I am not weak! I am strong!"

"Please. You sound like a Matoran who has lost their pet Ussal. Pathetic." Teridax pulled the Staff of Shadows from his lord's hand. "You were a strong leader once. Your fault? You got comfortable. Lazy. I shall not make the same mistake."

"Oh, so that's what this is about. You don't want to fix the Brotherhood, you're just tired of being subservient. You'll never be a good leader!"

"We shall see." Teridax said, removing his mask and throwing it aside. He reached down and ripped the Kraahkan from Miserix's face and slammed it over his own.
"I should destroy you now. But death is too easy a punishment for failure. No, I have other plans for you."

"How is this supposed to show the Hunters we're strong? Mutiny in our ranks will leave us an easy target!"

"It's rather simple. The Dark Hunters aren't readying for war."


"You truly are that dense, aren't you? The Hunters were merely an improvisation. "

"Then all this.... Was just to get rid of me?"

"Goodbye, Miserix. You shall be missed."

There was a flash of light and Miserix was gone. Teridax grinned.


This should be canon


GG, Cal. GG.





Was pretty incredible. :smile:



Thank you all for your feedback! I had no idea it would get this kind of reception!

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As far as I know, this could really be how it happened.

Good work!


You should read The Mutran Chronicles if you want to know how the account actually happened, at least according to Mutran. It's the canon version of how it happened.

Regardless, I like this version as well. In fact, this reminds me... I need to continue on writing The Chronicles of Fa and then continue the storyline.

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