Changing My Username

As of 7.18.2015 1:51 AM (PST) I have officially changed my name from philipe_jones to Vizuna. <3

I just wanted to make this topic to notify anyone I'm currently in contact with

You can just put who were previously in you bio. That way if someone is wondering they can click on your avatar and see.

I do believe this may require Mod attention. Simply because it's unnecessary. Sorry mate ;-;

@Political_Slime or @legomaster1378 my bestest buddies?



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They are the ones who clean up unnecessary stuff on the boards. This is one of those things, unfortunately.
A name change isn't really warranting of it's own topic.

The question was answered.

Also people who are seemingly not around over half the time.

Yeah, there isn't really a point to making an entire topic dedicated to (most likely) a temporary name change. If you want people to know, just shoot 'em a PM. Thanks!

(And please don't double post!)


Also, there's already a topic for this kind of thing, @Vizuna. It's called TTV Boards Username Changes smile wink.