Chaos Bringer

It eats worlds.
It is the beast of energy and gas.
It is the Chaos bringer.
And it is headed twords spheres magna.

Size comparison:

Species: Zetano
Home planet:Zetonan
Weakness: It’s insides
Age unknown
Size: Ever incresing

Enjoy the moc.
Hope you do.


Umm…it’s kind of hard to tell exactly what I’m looking at.

For critique, I’d suggest emphazing the head a bit more, bringing out the mouth and head so you can see what they are. Also, add a bit more color, and you could do that by armoring up the body.


I don’t want to armor up the body and I want to keep the color scheme a with as few colors as possible.

the moc is… underwhelming.

it looks like a large mass if CCBS, with little shaping, outside the bare-bones wire frame of it.[quote=“SonicBionicleMaster, post:3, topic:38379”]
I don’t want to armor up the body

well, if you don’t do something to make it less gappy, or to try and solidify the outsides, it’s gonna remain looking quite unfinished.


Should I take it apart to make different types of Mocs, This is a magority of my ccbs bone pieces

Better poses would help.


You technically did that before.

This model is hardly different compared to the wip you shown a few hours ago and vaguely resemble The Remainder from Jang:

The concept of being a living physical/chemical substance that attack other isn’t common on the boards, but the execution still fall very flat since it end up looking like an incomplete frame rather than a energized beast. I continue to question your age.


This. If you have a wip topic, use it to improve your moc, instead of a way of advertising it.


You know what? I thing this hole thing really catch the idea if a world eater.

It’s go to a very odd shape that doesn’t really resemble a worm of any type

What do you mean by questioning my age.?

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I think what he means is that based off of your builds he is questioning if you fit the TTV age criteria


i’m sorry but the head makes me snigger


I don’t know