Chapter 8 m8 of this ttv thing

once upon a time there lived a matoran named eljay, toa of mangosteens (not to be confused with mangos) who lived with his pa lewa and ma omega tahu, being the lowlife he was, he decided to put out recap reviews of an old? lego series called bionicle, kahi teleported into his house with the power of IMAGINATION and shouted "YOU FREAKING NERD" he then teleported away, depressed and sad, he reviewed roodaka, and didnt know what high heels were, antics ensued, the commenters disgusted the small percent that werent disgusting, eljay cryed even more BOOM CRASH something fell in eljays backyard, it was a toa canistar, he ran to it. Shrek mask of light lewa emerged, all stoned and stuff too, he said, jump in mannnnn its all goooodddddddd down hereeee eljay tuck it, and jumped in, eljay was on spherus magna with the rest of ttv, with a mangosteen in his hand he jumped up the yell I LIEK ROODAKA I AM TOA OF CANON!" meso said"MIRUS SUCK" eljay used HUGE EGO! "YOUR FACE IS A SKULL" meso cri erytim
suddenly the rest of ttv were like, LET US SPEAK AUTHOR MAN! no not yet...wait a second!
eljay then questioned the logic behind being a matoran named eljay toa of mangosteens, the author having NOT made a mistake said matoran toas were canon
now where was I, oh yeah, viper found a zaktan mask, put it on, and turned into a skadi
meso found a skull, he put it on, he became makutaskadiwitchdoctorofskullspidersmesonak


a chicken landed in vars watermelon, he became a toa of waterchickens (NOTRACISTANYWHERE)
shredder claws landed on a computer with a 100 dollar tahu with free shipping ebay listing
venom became a toa of ebay

CHAP. 2 kahi, invi and ex members come in




get rekt

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12/10 would read again



I wonder about you, potato...


I am insane as well

You are also one of my favorite people on here lol

yay! I am truely potato!

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I am allergic to potatoes...not really

we are potato

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Potato is love...

potato is life

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I cry eryvtiem 100/10

I've actually had a mangosteen energy drink before and I believe I can prove it as long as I still have the picture.

That's why we love ya.

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chapter 2 is coming out tomorrow, or as I call it 2hrs 48 mins from now! well that an exaggeration, I wont release chap two 2 hour 47 minutes from now


no to what?

kahi walks in saying, you forgot me! then meso throws a briefcase at him, kahi becomes toa of lawyers.
On the floor there is a vahi


then inviticus walks in and sees stop the draw a toa builder online snowball colgate battle deluxe atticmedia mask the game 2 mania madness
he becomes toa of analysis
eljay looks down on the floor, there is cookie clicker, there is alena next to him



suddenly the author is lazy!
end of chapter 2

the rest of ttv walk down the road until suddenly a giant mega block piloted by google appears and summons hero factory robots to kill all...
eljay discusses the pros and cons of the situation, while kahi shouts "you idiot" and then ven throws the other shredder claws at him, eljay jumped up the yell again and say "YOU ALL SUCK" no one cri erytim, eljay tuk toa canistar,
suddenly I giant robot with a apple symbol and a lego block come in and give all of ttv mechs....minus eljay he just got a rocka crawler........

will ttv and applego be able to save spherus magna? find out on the next episode of THE FICTIONAL LEGENDS OF T T V
end of chapter 2
tune in next week for chapter 3!


A masterpiece 16/10
Would read again.

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