Character Bios on are up!

Bios for the six Toa are up, with pictures of some of them, as well as a wallpaper of the Mask of Creation!

What do you guys think of their personalities as described here? They are very similar to their personalities in the Original Series, however...

They seem to be adding a twist to their characters for some reason. Kopaka is clumsy now, for example. Not sure how I feel about this.


Pretty sure those character twists mean it'll be a bit more child-friendly, and/or relatable. Case in point: Pohatu is afraid of the dark (I see a moral lesson to be learned there) and Onua's sleeping habits (which I see as a good source of comic relief... and memes.)


Yea you are probably right. It may have a similar feel to Hero Factory in this way.

Onua's sleeping could be silly (like the Bear tribe in Chima), but then again it could be funny. We'll have to wait and see.

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Place your bets here on who's being shipped with Gali.

I'm expecting her "inability to make a joke" to cause a friendly tension between her and Lewa, at least.


I found the word Toa!! : )
I don't know if it is also in the english version but in the german version stands toa xD
WTF !?!?! Onua is called Onya ???!?!?!?! O.o


I can't access the bios!

EDIT: Found them stuck_out_tongue

It's in the English version as well.


Kopaka is clumsy. Yeah, that doesn't feel right...


I am honestly more okay with this than most, I wager.

Because while epic untouchable versions of the heroes are fine for jokes like Omega Tahu ala MaximumWarp, I feel like giving them more flaws, provided it's handled well, would be fantastic.

Kinda gives me the idea they'll hopefully build on the Kopaka and Pohatu friendship. Mayhaps Kopaka is still cold and standoffish, but he has to rely on his more capable brother.

Like, I dunno if any of you guys know about Dragonlance, but I can see the relationship being like Raistlin and Caramon's, but with less of Kopaka/Raistlin turning evil and taking over the world(or trying to, at least.)


I like Onua's pic!

"She [Gali] just can't seem to tell a joke right!"

Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Freakin' "Onya"...
Clumsy Kopaka...
Gosh dangit.


Overall, I'm happy. I am glad they gave Kopaka a reason for being cold and detached (he wants to uphold his strict moral code). It almost makes up for his clumsiness...

Pohatu seems the most true to his original personality.

The "Onua- sleeping giant" thing, though... WHY

And does the new animation style remind anyone else of Samurai Jack?


I thought of samurai jack too...

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The animation is a reference to MNOG apparently

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Any of you guys notice Lewa has power over Jungle and Air?


That Miru tho!

They also called Kopaka a Toa, as well. Hm... Seems like they are paying homage to classic BIONICLE, especially with Makuta in the story now.


I pointed that out on the NYCC topic. smiley

Did any one notice wierd the kakama looks from the side?#đờiforlife

We have official pics for the protectors now

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