Character descriptions V1

Some cool character synopsis-es I came up with for some original Characters (excluding Trinuma)

A lazy Le-Matoran relegated to a life of mediocrity and anonymity stumbles across an unbelievable power- will he finally act upon his dark, inner thoughts?

After operating in the shadows for so long, Trinuma is at long last able to show the world what he’s got. Unfortunately for them, what he’s got will never satisfy him, and in the wake of the most disastrous battle Spherus Magna has ever seen, Trinuma maneuvers himself into a position of power.

The Toa Hagah of Plantlife-turned Toa of Shadow walked a fine line throughout his long life in the Great Spirit Robot, and on Spherus Magna, his penchant to get in over his head will undoubtedly be his undoing. But they’ll have to catch him first…

Makuta Aveeccious sacrificed almost everything to survive Teridax’s reign, but he’s come out of it all with his life, his massive pets, and a plan. Now, the malevolent spirit struggles to come to terms with his new status as an outcast and to finally learn humility, as all the while, his new, sinister plot takes shape.

The most renowned member of The Shadowed One’s species, Bitumminous’ former status as an Order of Mata Nui member gave him a purpose- a goal- to strive toward. Ever since The Order disbanded, though, the great warrior roams the Spherus Magna desert in search of new meaning. Of course, Bitumminous’ insatiable hunger for profound answers may lead him down a distorted path, one of darkness and futility- and the answers he may find won’t save him.

Created by Turaga Ahkmou in Metru Nui’s waning years, this introverted Le-Matoran has been brainwashed since his first moment of consciousness, and as a result is a living weapon of The Makuta; a spy for evil in the midst of innocence. Having been trained by Brotherhood Members stationed in Metru Nui in the art of analysis and perception, Cublon was effective in rooting out uprisings, spotting dissent, and observing those around him during Teridax’s reign. After the Battle of Bara Magna, Cublon followed the only authority he’d ever known, Ahkmou, as he and his ilk wisely slipped away into the wilderness, under the guidance of a new saviour- Makuta Aveeccious. Cublon‘s perception soon freed him from Ahkmou’s dogma, and he rejected the false Turaga’s authority in favour of the soft-spoken but wise words of the new Makuta. Unbeknownst to all but the psychic Makuta, Cublon carries with him the massive weight of innumerable betrayals; the loneliness of a spy. Cublon isn’t aware of Aveeccious’ powers, though, for the Brotherhood was ever so secret, and believes that the Makuta truly understands him. Perhaps he does.

Nexan’s newfound power has gone to his head, and the cruelty he displayed as a Matoran has been amplified many times over as a Toa. Unfortunately, his ego isn’t the only thing that’s been inflated. The Toa of Plasma now draws his power from a real sun- and as a result, his elemental energies exist on the level of a Toa Nuva- many times more powerful than his fellow Toa. Trust in Nexan is as misplaced as his sense of duty, and those who choose to follow him may have condemned themselves to a future of pain, misery, and the eternal company of a narcissist with the power to choose who lives and dies.