Character ideas:

So often times, I find myself coming up with ideas for characters that I don't know what to do with. Example: villain who wants to destroy the world just to see if it makes a difference.

Let's see what characters you guys have come up with.


Go go gadget joke post

He is super buff and sad because his pet iguana died now he wears all black with mascara and summons Cthulu on a regular basis


A guy that goes around beating up guys that beat women.

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For some reason, I love to come up with characters who die a tragic death. For example:

The Comedy Relief character, after the protagonist has fallen, decides to wield his Idol's weapon to take out the Big Baddie, only for him to be stabbed in the stomach, left to slowly die with the now-dead hero. During this "scene", the two are laying next to one another, with the Comedy Relief weeping while muttering "I don't want to go."


Ok ok, I already have a few, here's my comedic character:

A pervy zombie named Carl who's only a head and a spine, who can possess others

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A guy that can defeat anyone with a single punch.

Oh wait, that's already a thing.

A skeleton who says he hates humans, but secretly longs to have flesh again, so he embarks on an epic quest to become a fleshman again

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I've also always wanted to make a character that's stern and always calm, but when he goes underground, he becomes a wreck, suffering from constant flashbacks of his mother burying him alive with him yelling "Please Mother! I- I won't do it again! Just don't take me to Him!" to no-one, tears streaming down his face.

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An asian guy who has Amnesia, is a body double of a main character, wears his hair in a pony tail, and has a shrapnel horn in his skull.

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Twin brothers who are a bumbling businessman and a reckless con artist, respectively.

Some guy who happens to travel back in time in different bodies, and must live a full life before he can transfer to the next. The problem is: he's aware of all his previous lives.

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A sentient sandwich with a loathing for toaster ovens.

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A tyrant that lost his arm from an empress

A man who's power is to implode and create a black hole, but can only do it once, because he'd die if he did it.

I think that's Xorn from the X-Men

An arm with an eye that can possess people.


that was my original self moc

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Where do you think I got the idea from?

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A mad scientist who tries to save the world from "The Organization" by assaulting children with a green hairbrush...


A woman who contemplates dog knees.

A guy with the power to receive radio waves because of a partly prosthetic skull, received after being run over by a trucker who killed his brother. He uses the power to track down that one trucker.