Character Weakness/Nerfing suggestions

Alright, so I was thinking of ways to nerf/weaken a character of mine, but then I realised I could make a topic around the community and character suggestions for any and everyone so that bionicle or original characters can be nerfed or given a weakness if OP. Only if the owner of said character likes the idea.



To first make an anti Mary Sue…

  1. Make a list of powerful or extremely useful attributes or abilities.

  2. See how OP you want your character. Normally your OC would need only 1 or 2 abilities. Villians should have 3 or 4. Don’t go overboard unless everyone else you make has relatively the same amount of power.

  3. Don’t make your OC’s backstory suck.



Step one: Make the guy
Step two: Give a power, or don’t
Step three: That is it.


easy fix, make the bad guys stronger :wink:


I usually have good guys have a long backstory when it comes to having multiple powers, as usually it would take them time to train/learn it, but don’t have more than 3 or 4 powers or else he/she would be very OP, I made that mistake once, wasn’t fun.

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what if your character is boring?


###GIF.Man.Ben’s guide to making a boring character.

Step one: think of every useful power known to man and fantasy, and make a list.
Step two: throw that list out the window.
Step three: Make said character a normal person.

###GIF.Man.Ben’s guide to making a Interesting (but not over powered) character.
Step one: Make a list of every useful ability known to man and fantasy.
Step two: decide how many abilities your character’s would normally have. Like let’s say every good character has three magical powers.
Step three: now pick the three magical powers you think your Character would have.
Step four: make your characters backstory.
Step five: make your character.

###GIF.Man.Ben’s guide to making a Interesting (but not over powered) evil character.

Step one: Make a list of every useful ability known to man and fantasy.
Step two: decide how many abilities your evil character’s would normally have. Like let’s say every evil character has five or six magical powers.
Step three: now pick the three magical powers you think your Character would have.
Step four: make your evil character Backstory.
Step five: make your evil character.


Simple solution, explain everything. If your character can do something, explain why. If you can’t explain it they can’t do it. On the other hand, you don’t have to explain your villan at all. In fact don’t. Ever. The story is not about them. Make them as powerful as you want. Just remember you’ll have to explain how the hero defeats them.


OKAY! Lemme give you that character I wanted you guys to nerf, or atleast vaguely explain him

Currently he’s some sorta near immortal possessed slightly by a crystal core thing that takes hosts, healing them and allowing them to regenerate their body from damage, and keeping the current body alive for a millennium. Said person also has nanomachines and other magic for attacks, aswell as a buttload of weapons.

They guy can basically survive alot of things, the only weaknesses I have ATM are anti-nanomachines, strong acid, lava, any gravity related stuff or blackholes, and possibly has a slow reaction rate, as he does not instantly heal unless he knows there’s no obstructions to the wound or danger.

any other ways to nerf him?

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Okay, if he’s already got a healing factor, you should probably limit his loadout to one or two weapons, and better yet, scrap the nanomachines.

Look at characters like Wolverine and Deadpool. They have healing factors that make them nigh-immortal, but their actual means of attack are limited to some claws and animal instincts, or a couple swords and guns.

I say give him two weapons, and choose just one magical power (telekinesis, maybe?), or two, if they work heavily in conjunction with one-another.


Fair enough, his main magic/melee attacks come from a machete, green fire and basic fists. Also some chain things that move on command and some gun borrowing, any need fire improvement here? A

Machete, fire, fists, and magical chains.

Sounds limited enough.

One last note, limiting your loadout also let’s you flesh out your character’s personality, based on the weapons and powers he/she prefers to use. It’s good to let these sort of things embody your character. Gives them more personality.

Just bear that in mind.

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I’d say give the crystal core thing some sort of weakness, at the risk of ripping off the venom symbiote you could make it vulnerable to high powered sonic attacks. Now, is the host for the crystal core conscious? Of not, making him so might allow for internal conflict that, while not actually limiting them too much, would perhaps make it difficult to reach their full potential if they aren’t in agreement on how to handle a situation. You might also limit his magic based abilities by having them take a toll on the host body when used too much, draining him of energy quickly and perhaps even causing physical harm if he pushes it too far. Obviously he can heal from this, but, as you said, not till the obvious danger has passed.

There ya go, hope that helped or at least have you some ideas


Give him a disease from the Nanomachines similar to Foxdie
And for the other nerf
Limit how much magic he came do aday

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Make the character a jerk, or hated by people. One of the most annoying traits of Gary Stews/ Mary Sues is that they are loved by everyone.


Um yeah what everyone above me said.

For ways to make him not-OP and give him weaknesses: Limit his weapons two one or two, or just natural attacks. Also, if this guy exists in the Bionicle Universe, I suggest giving him the one universal weakness that practically every Bionicle character has: WATER. Think about it, nearly every character not explicitly associated with the element of water avoids it, and can’t really swim. Also, consider what armor he has. Is he a tank that is too slow to keep up with certain enemies? Or is he fast but relatively unarmored?


felt like I needed to remind you guys is that if you got a character you’re not sure about putting out there and want human input, you are encouraged to put character descriptions and see how others helped

anyway thanks for the help guys, I’ll ask the next time there’s a character I wanna get fixed


I would make him susceptible to pain and trauma. So, while he can live forever, he’s still hindered and scared by similar things to most people. For instance, just because he’s not going to die if you impaled him doesn’t mean he won’t have to suffer through the pain of being impaled.

That could also weigh on his sanity, as he’s had to push through countless injuries that would’ve killed anyone else.

Sorry if my grammar’s terrible. I’m practically half asleep ATM


I Have an Interesting idea, Give your MOC Stats. I actually have a system in mind. but I’m not sure if I should post it here or make my own topic for it.

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