Characters Of An Ascension V3

I have once again decided to revamp my self moc and Cappucino. Yumi is still undergoing changes, but I cant decide on what to do with him.
Until then, Here they are:
Starting off, With Cappuccino.

That’s all for Cappuccino. Next, the BIG ONE.

Yep. That’s my self moc Olisi. I have to admit, he’s evolved quite quickly and quite large.
Group shot time:

@Mr.Monopoly ,can you draw Cappuccino again?

Any way, I hope you all enjoyed. C&C appreciated.


have him tie his shoes


What do you mean?


Well, I definitely wouldn’t call him big. Long seems more accurate.

And I have to ask: why though? Is that a character specific thing, or did you just want to make him as tall as you possibly could?

I need to know that in order to come up with a proper critique


It’s called “An Ascension”. You think the main character will get shorter?

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No, that would be “A Descending”

As for the mocs, the long boi looks cool and the bat is also pretty neat


I’m a fan of Olisi’s design, he’s very expressive


Cappuccino is looking a lot more cohesive with every iteration, although it’s still a little bit of a hodgepodge of colors.

Olisi looks fantastic, I love the long creepy look you gave them. The cape is a nice touch as well. I especially love the picture of Olisi crawling, it really displays just how long his legs are. Great Mocs overall!


ah cool, cappuccino is as delightful as ever and olisi is both terrrifying and awesome
i love 'em


I appreciate the return to the black head for cappuccino but I don’t understand the new thigh design at all - I realise she was pretty thicc before but I think you’ve gone too far in the opposite direction now, her thighs have become thinner than her forearms and the addition of the mismatched rahkshi backs is really strange and clutters up her waist section

I also think oisli may be a bit too tall now

I mean, he has four knees per leg, I think that’s a bit extreme


I kinda like these. Cappuccino’s thighs are a lot better, due to the Nuva pieces no longer being where they were. Olisi looks great. The length is kinda good, though the torso feels a bit disproportional. Cappuccino’s head is better in black, so that’s nice.
Yet both of these share one problem.
The dark blue.
Both of them have either one or two dark blue pieces, those don’t really help the consistency. On Olisi it isn’t that bad, due to his size and the db being just one piece, yet on Cappuccino they are kinda sticking out. I feel like you could either try to get rid of it, which depending on your part selection) might be hard to do, or add more. Additionally the Rahkshi backs should be a more fitting in colour. maybe the shin pieces on Cappuccino could be changed, though those aren’t really that bad.
Idk if you can change the parts, as IDK what pieces you have available (I often have the same problem).
Though overall those problems aren’t that bad. The Mocs still look pretty cool.