Charas(s)y's System Stuff

In a time before time, there was Lego system. Little Charassy wanted all the Lego system. Little Charassy also aged a bit so now he's current Charassy, and like a year before becoming current Charassy, he used to build a lot of MOCs with all of his Lego system.
The system MOCs that survived the time between that time and now, and the system MOCs that might still come to be are going to be presented in this topic.

First, my favorite system MOC that's not a location.
An assassin robot I built back in seventh grade or something near that period of time. I set myself the challenge to only use light bley and trans neorange parts (I'll definitely trademark ┬╗neorange┬ź :stuck_out_tongue:). Some weeks after finishing it, I also built a drone to accompany it on its missions.

Next, a robot dog, mostly based off a boxer. I like grey.

He can enter antenna mode:

After purchasing the set ┬╗Gotham City Cycle Chase┬ź, I was really disappointed by the builds. The motorcycles were way too large. So I decided to rebuild it into an even larger, three wheeled motorcycle:

Minifigure Batman is way too small for this thing, but he can still try.

Next, the Unbreakable Car. On one my little brother's birthdays, we played a game where we basically threw Lego cars down the road. I built this thing, and it never broke (except if you tried):

Around late 2015, I was kind of into steampunk, so I made some steampunk MOCs, despite having almost no knowledge about anything regarding steampunk. I have two more, which I'll put up later this week or something.

It's a cab/taxi.

It's basically a rusty Star Wars battle walker thing.

Yes, I also like brown.

This thing just kind of happened. It's a super rad monster truck with futuristic designs!

You can put a driver into it.

It can do things like this:

Most of these are concepts for characters in my yet-to-be-started story.
Two brothers, divided by not many things besides their appearance:

Two headhunters (from left to right), the Silver Rifle and Orakt, whose name means ┬╗efficiency┬ź in a language I have yet to develop.

The guy piloting the steampunk walker, his name is Herion.

And the last thing for right now, the Vampire Knives from Terraria.
In-game sprite:

The MOC:

I don't really know what to say here, because this most probably isn't done, so... enjoy my stuff.


The light bley robot's torso and head is cool, seems Zaku-ish Seig Zeon but I'm not a fan of the limbs.

The Steampunk Walker is also pretty cool, I like it more than the Taxi

Everything else is nifty, but doesn't really catch my interest as a mecha builder.


These look very nice.

Some really great stuff here. In particular, I find myself really drawn to the design of that assasin robot. Sure the color scheme isn't anything spectacular, but the look overall is quite solid. The robot dog, too, has a great look and makes nice use of what few pieces there.

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These are amazing! Good work.

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These are really slick builds.

yeah that's how to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:
Nifty. The figures are certainly well put together, and I like the builds. Good work!

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Very good job here. My favorite is probably the assassin robot, gives me inspiration to start expanding on the stuff I've been working on with system lately.