Charms and Powers

In MNOGII the charms were introduced. The three virtues, six traits (one from each village), and six skills derived from one of the six traits.

Each village had a trait and a skill and I was curious if I could combine the symbols in some cool way.

I thought it might be cool the combine the charms with Airbender necklaces for a more tribal look.

Unity, Duty, and Destiny necklace worn by the chief elder.

I also thought it would be cool to have these charms in Bionicle games outside of MNOGII. particularly in an combat game. In many games you can often put magic items as well as armor on your character. These magic items usually have there own slot.

I thought it would be cool to use the charms as buffing item in a combat game. The six traits were designed to counteract the rahkshi powers in 2003, but other than that what powers might these charms have?


I like thesse :slight_smile:

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We might have to add these in OOG. These are awesome!

I agree, probably would’ve been cool

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Thank you all for you’re kind words.

Unity Charm: Allows user to fuse with others and helps maintain the fusion.

Duty Charm: ???

Destiny Charm: ???

Purity Charm: protects against Poison (Lerahk)
Reduces Poison damage, allows you to cure poison statues.

Courage Charm: Protects against fear (Turahk)
Reduces Fear Attacks, reduces chance of being stunned.

Peace Charm: protects against Anger (Kurahk)
Reduces Anger attacks,

Prosperity Charm: protects against Hunger (Vorahk)
Allow user to see items or ore on mini-map, reduces leeching attacks and spells

Creation Charm: protects against Disintegration (Guurahk)
Reduces Guurahk’s attack, and it does something creative… It’s a Lego game

Faith Charm: protects against Fragmentation (Panrahk)
Reduces Panrahk’s attack.

Speed Charm:

Strength Charm:

Willpower Charm: ???

Stamina Charm:

Strategy Charm: ???

Accuracy Charm:

In game play the player would be able to use only one charm at first. and then would get items later on that would allow the player to use multiple charms.


A lot of those make sense, good job, again…

A while back I made the faith charm out of a wooden coin along with some other coins. The other two coins had stuff on both front and back but the faith charm didn’t. For a long time I felt the back of the faith charm blank because I didn’t know to add. But now I think I do.

Each village has a principle and a skill in MNOGII. I like the idea of making the charms/ coins with the Principle on one side (Faith) and the skill on the other (Accuracy). This way twelve charms can be combined into six coins.

This idea could even translate into game play. The player could gather the two charms from one village and later fuse them. (the coin would have the powers of both charms) Or the player could get the first charm and then get the second charm inscribed on the back. (Basically they’d use one charm to earn the other)

BS01: Faith was the Principle of Le-Koro. It is derived from the Virtues of Unity and Duty. Faith is trusting your allies, and trusting that all will end well. It grants the Kolhii Skill of Accuracy, and its enemy is Fragmentation.

Later the player could put all six coins one necklace or such, and combine the powers of the twelve charms into one.

I got the necklace idea form Avatar the last Airbender (who got it from Buddist monks). But I like substituting the prayer beads for Candlenut bead so it looks more islander.


Those are cool. Gimme.