Chat Room?

Hi guys, I'm extremely new around here, but something I thought would be cool to have is an open chat room. I'm not sure if this is really necessary, given that I suppose any topic could be used for this, but something seems different about an actual chat room. With absolutely no specific conversational topic or purpose, and also perhaps it would function differently when it comes to Trust Levels, and other board stats. I don't know if this is something that would be possible, or even wanted. Thoughts?



Actually, Ven did this for one day a week ago. He said he might do it again.

@Venom ?

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Well, seeing how just about everyone on the board has gone off-topic at least once, I think this is a pretty interesting idea.



We need an Off-topic topic where you can discuss anything.

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This does exist.

But only certain people have access to it,


I don't understand why we would need a chatroom. The boards themselves are meant for discussion in the first place. Plus a lot of the community is on Skype anyways.


I think @Photron is asking for a chatroom that doesn't brick your phone. :wink:


maybe a little chatbox at the top of the screen, where you can communicate with other members


Best idea ever @Pot8o

Oh that is an amazing idea actually.

The BZPC was the chat room the TTV cast went to, and it an amazingly fun place. I was only on during it's brief revival in 2013 (those were the days), It was awesome and I would absolutely support bringing something like it to the message boards.


Yeah, I was thinking a little chatbox that was always open, could be at the top or side of the screen, or in a new tab from the menu, but something different from the forum, not really geared for "actual discussion" as much as for just popping in and saying "Hi!" and hanging out with some of your friends who are on at the same time. Imo, and in my experience, chatrooms have a decidedly different environment and culture than normal forums. And seeing how TTV got it's start from a chatroom, I thought it might make sense. smile



I've looked into it, it will probably happen one day- but as of right now we don't have any plans to add a chat feature just yet.

But, it is definitely something I'd like to add, so perhaps sometime this year implementation will be developed. Though, as of right now most of the members seem to be using the PM's as a chat substitute XD


A pretty poor and clunky substitute IMO... :stuck_out_tongue:


Well of course. It's not suppose to be a chatroom- we even had to make a rule so people stopped abusing it so much.


I know this has almost nothing to do with the topic, but I cant find a better place to ask this, would anybody mind to shove me in one of those skype groups?

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If you wanted to be added into the Cliffhorse Club (AKA the most active Skype group of this community that I am aware of), feel free to PM @Nyran, and he'll hook you up.

Bear in mind that this chat is quite certainly not family friendly. :laughing:


No worries, I think I am not family friendly


Best post I have seen all day :laughing:


I always wondered about having a real time topic. By this I mean a topic were you can post a real time update about something you are doing that you wanna let people know about, or a game your playing and are looking for some spur of the moment company, I dunno...

All of the topics on these Boards are essentially "real-time"...