Check out; Check in

Hello everybody!

I will not be available during the weekend. (Personal stuff)

I might be able to get on the boards possibly Monday night or Tuesday evening.

I will not, however, be able to endeavor in certain projects until possibly Thursday, but definitely Friday.

Tonight will be my last night until then.

Have a good weekend guys! :slight_smile:

(In the future, whenever I take a leave like this, I will just post it here.)

Edit: I am back :smiley: and it seems as if I have a lot to catch up on!


Note: This should not be considered a double post because this is notifying people.

Hey everybody, I will not be available tomorrow.

But, I’ll be back Sunday evening my time.

Have a good Saturday!

Hello guys! (Triple posting β€’_β€’)

I am checking back in, but I won’t be active or available all day. :slight_smile:

We all miss you Kretta.

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When did this topic happen?