Chell from Portal

So you have NO cameras in your house whatsoever?

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I understand how a topic can get a little insane, but we’re all trying to give him constructive criticism. I think everyone’s just upset about how he doesn’t listen to almost any of it.

Except he hasn’t shown that. He keeps making new MOCs with the same issues everyone tells him to fix. He argues with the criticism we give him, there’s no reason to even criticize at this point.


Missed this /s. I agree with everything you said, the sole purpose to upload to ttv is to improve and listen to constructive criticism

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Well, I’m already here, so why not review the moc. From what I have seen in your posts, you might want to go ahead and take the extra, unnecessary bulk off the MOC’s. I understand that’s your opinions on what a MOC should look like, but try to make the armor look like actual armor instead of cartooning it. Cartoony proportions are ok, but make the moc look less appealing, especially in this case. But the main point here, is that I realize you may be new to MOCing and all. If so, keep doing what you’re doing. I encourage you to keep building and keep trying out new things. So far, you’re doing just that. Just maybe try out a few different things, but give yourself time for this. Try branching out, see what you can do then, and then maybe combine a few of the styles used. That’s what makes a MOC good in my opinion. Also, I noticed you seem rushed when building. Like you need a new MOC to be posted all the time, but try being patient with yourself. That is what makes good builds, builds that are loved, and even remembered. Let yourself try several designs over and over, until you’ve found the best one. Sentann V4, a MOC of mine, took over three months of work, with about 100 hours of work, I’d say, put into it. Good builds come with time, patience, and practice. Do so, and you’ll be a great MOCer some day. I’ve been doing it for several years and I’m still not the best, but I haven’t quit nor gave up. I hope you don’t either. ~ADVICE, BRUH~


It’s almost near impossible to make out, and it looks practically nothing like Chell. At all.

This is what should happen from all the constructive criticism you’ve been getting:

You can see I’ve listened to what people have said and built upon it. I’m not saying they’re great by any means but they improve and gets better over time and I spent 30-45 mins with each version except the first which took 20 mins


I’ve only seen clips of Portal and Chell looks nothing like this.


The back coverage is good, but, to avoid more controversy, and to develop your skills as a moccist, I suggest working with masculine mocs, because they are far easier to pull off.


one question, not trying to be rude, but did you just make your basic femmoc give it a “portal gun” and call it chell, because that’s what it definitely looks like

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But keep in mind he isn’t obliged to follow anyone’s advice or critique. It might be frustrating trying to help someone who doesn’t seem to take your advice into account, believe me, I know, but you have to let them make their own decisions as well and not try to force improvement on them.

As for the MOC, though, I will say I am not a fan. The gold head neither fits the character not resembles anything she might have, and the hands look off color. I do like that you paid attention to detail, though, and put orange shells where Chell’s jumper would be, but maybe if you have bigger shells you can put them there.

Then he should tell us we’re all wasting our time.

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The whole thing looks extremely awkward, The proportions are bad and the body is huge and blocky.

Well I seem to be late but I feel like adding my two cents into the hat. The moc is very awkward to begin with and doesn’t seem to resemble the source material accept for the slightly pieces of color scheme I can see.

I can understand not being able to afford a camera or phone, but at least try to fix the lighting in the photos and find a better place to take pictures. I’d recommend just sticking a piece of cardboard behind it to at least get a solid background color.

Overall seeing this moc and the others you’ve made, I’d just like to ask you to take some of the advice that the others here are giving because they know what they’re talking about in terms of mocs and creations.

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Yep. I made a commission build of a bionicle version of the artists character. Not only did she use a color that doesn’t exist in Lego but I’ve only seen a few good “human” bionicles.

Edited title to add a wee bit of clarity -Xev

Disclaimer: I’m not doing this to insult @Toa_of_red_pins in any way. I simply thought it would help wierdos like me to understand what the topic is about.

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