Cheloek - Toa of combustion

A small Build with a more interesting style of custom body and probably one of the simplest, coolest looking weapons (In my opinion of course)

Feel free to criticize and such. :smile:

EDIT: Some extra pictures


Kinda hard to see the figure, I need more pics.

But that torso is awesome. Nice metru red.

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I can barely see it...
Just add some static front and Nyran back shots so we can actually see the moc.

I can say that you should add something to the chest, it looks rather bland.

As they said, I can't really see it. From what's there, it looks pretty good, although a little more chest detail could do, and also a better color scheme besides gunmetal. It's done to death a lot, even though it looks good. Or wait, is that gunmetal? At least the legs?

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Could use some more pictures, and I think a black add on would look good on the chest. Looks great though!

Yeah, I have a couple more pictures I can upload but none of them are very good. This MOC I build a while ago, so I cannot really make improvements as it is currently in stages of deconstruction.

Pretty nice MOC. I like the trans red and black. I think the handle could use something...

also I can't see the legs.

Anyway very nice. very good job