Chima Revamps/Tweaks


He was the first I reconstructed, and the main idea I had was giving him a more beserker like look, minimal armor, more exposed scales and the like.


Ended up with a more werewolf like look, plus since he's supposed to be a pack leader he should be the biggest, I also tried to add as much small fur detail as possible.


I kept this fella a bit more simple, since it's a bird I didn't want to make him look too big, just keep it more slender in frame so it can "fly".


Wolf is great. Other two are fine.

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I like what you did to Cragger!

Quite nice.

Pretty neat, Cragger's lower legs are off though.

I haven't do criticism in a long time so here we go
-Good back bulk
-The Hunch-look is somewhat bearable
-Shoulder bugs me

-Leg looks good
-Length/Height is reasonable
-Mid section doesn't combine very well
-White armor piece ruin the "dark" look
-Fall easily with that foot design

-Have a raven stature pose
-Chest armor fit well
-Lower leg is too thin
-Blue pins stick out from the wings is a major eye sore

Good work overall.

Worriz had white fur on the stomach and chest, not everything is armor on him, since I can't really slap a million tooth pieces to make it look like fur I used the chest plate and attached the breastplate on it, that would count as armor.
As for Razar's legs, he's a bird he can't have thick lower legs, biology still applies to them, technically speaking, plus I didn't have a big enough shell piece to cover most of it, but for articulation it makes more sense.

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The Chima ultrabuilds were some of my favourite sets of 2013/14 and it's good to see they them in new and improved form. I especially like what you did to cragger. It would be great if you could revamp some of the fire V ice sets!

I actually did with Fangar, Mungus, and Cragger

Will we see them one day? Or have they already been shown but I missed them?

I just checked, I could have sworn I uploaded them here, but I can link you to my DA to see them. though I might work a bit on Mungus' legs as they don't have a knee joint and his arms need some tweaking too

Cragger will get his tail modified to match the current Cragger's

Those are epic! Mungus is my favourite, he always needed more brown. keep up the good work! wink