Christmas MOC Contest Extravaganza

Welcome to the CMCE, or Christmas MOC Contest Extravaganza! Here you may fight for the grand prize of absolutely nothing!

1: You must make a MOC that falls into one of the five categories.
2: You may enter only one MOC into each category but may make multiple MOCs and enter multiple categories.
3: Your MOC must be purist, with the only exceptions being fabrics which may be made.
4: No wacko out of this world stuff. Let's keep this seriousish guys.
5: Only enter MOCs made primarily out of Technic, BIONICLE, and CCBS.

Category 1 - Minifigure Upscale - Build a MOC of one official LEGO minifigure released in the last three years.
Category 2 - Christmas-ify - Take one of your already built MOCs and revamp it, then take the revamp and give it Christmas related wear.
Category 3 - Mirror Man - Make the polar opposite of your Self-MOC.
Category 4 - The Simplicity Challenge - Make a MOC that is your basic Inikabuild or CCBS build, but make it look REALLY good, using any basic parts that you need to fill in gaps, and overall make it look good. No custom limbs allowed!
Category 5 - The Custom Challenge - Make a MOC that abides by the 100% rule. Custom feet, lower and upper legs, waist, body, upper and lower arms, and head. Custom masks are a bonus point.

I will give you points based off of the following goals:
1 - Color choice - The most basic decision for any MOC. 1-10 scale
2 - Originality - Something important for every MOC. 1-10 scale
3 - Parts choice - Major goal here. Counts the mask/head, feet, weapon, and overall. Each subgoal is worth up to two points and get totaled, with perfect giving you a ten.
4 - Truth to category - What is arguably the most important. How true to the category it is. 1-10 scale
5 - Overall - How good your overall MOC looks. 1-10 scale
At the end, all of your goals are totaled and you are given a score from 1/50. Highest score wins!

For most MOCers, I recommend a full on MOC. For others (I'm looking at you Chro) a tablescrap MOC could likely do the job. Now what are you waiting for?



I will start on my moc soon
Probs going to do the first one, or the second one

now to start working on it


Same here.

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Saw the mirror man topic and was like oooooohhhhhyyyyyeeeeeaaaahhh.


YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so gonna--

glaces at MOCs for Game of Shadows

This project can't end fast enough.

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Ok, challenge accepted.
You, sir, have given me the push to perform my first "MOC resurrection".
You wanna know what MOC I'm gonna drag back from the void?
Well, here's a hint.

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I can't tell if that's a MOC, a metal plate, or King Ghiorada.


Here is my entry for category 5! smiley



@Ekorak, It's Mecha-King Ghidorah's wing.

Here it is.
He made his first (and only) appearance in the Godzilla canon in the episode of Godzilla Island entitled "Landes is Dismissed". He is the most obscure form of one of the most popular Toho kaiju. He is...

Hyper-Mecha-King Ghidorah!

(Front shot)

(Profile shot)

(Obligatory back shot)

(Close-up of the wing)

(And a shot taken from a higher angle.)

And there you have it!

As for categories, the only one he really fits into at all is #4, but I'm not sure if the wings count as "custom limbs" or not.
(And lastly, a pic of the actual daikaiju that this was based on.)

(Yes, I did take some artistic liberties.)



Didn't expect anyone to enter Category V.

Now I half expect someone to burst in here and have some Slattern MOC.

Color Choice - 8/10 - Not the most original, but orange and black always compliment each other well!

Originality - 6/10 - From the looks of it it's some sort of enforcer robot or somewhere along those lines. The concept may not be the most original, but it's a concept I like and thus I'll give you a 6.

Parts choice - Mask: 2, that idea is genius! Feet: 1, They're pretty basic from my understanding, but the use of technic beams plus some system is pretty neat. Weapon: 0, probably the weakest part of the MOC, but I can tell the MOC was made for the figure at not the weapon. Overall: 2, I really like the parts usage in general. The Rahkshi knee pads are very nice and work well with the Skrall armor, and while it causes some awkwardness while raising his shoulders, the hockey helmets make nice armor. Body: 1, the orange pad doesn't work too well with the curved side up to me, but the hockey chest plate works very nicely. Total: 6/10

Truth to Category - 10/10 - This is pretty undeniably 110% custom. I didn't even expect custom hands!

5: Overall - 7/10 - Pretty great work dude! The only person I see knocking you out of the game as of now, is @Chro, if he decides to join.

TOTAL: 37/50


Some stuff still baffles me on how this was marked

Why on earth is the originality 6/10? I have never seen a moc with that build (hockey helmets and chest design) plus it's an ex-robo boxer. I guess I should've posted a back story, but yeah, that's pretty original. I'll eat the socks I'm wearing if I see another moc like it.

He's not meant to have a weapon. He's a boxer. He uses his fists and the hand cannon is to compliment it a bit, not be his main weapon. I don't know why this even needs to be a topic to mark since a moc doesn't need a weapon.

There isn't any awkwardness with the shoulders. Believe me, I have him on hand and the can be positioned in every way possible but forward, which is fine considering it's shoulders.

I haven't used one technic beams in it, so thats
kinda odd. They are a lot more complex than they seem.

I'll give you that since it is true. Never liked that part.

Overall I would've expected a 40+/50 rating and A LOT more on originality (at least 8/10). Most of this may be from the fact that I didn't explain what it is because that would've explained a lot. only one I expected a 6/10 in is colour choice, but hey, that's what you think so I won't hold it against you. (anyway thanks!)


This explains quite a bit. The reason I added this is mostly because I find weapons to be something that, while not necessary, can really make a MOC shine. Personally, if I hadn't convinced myself it was necessary to make the project a success, I'd kinda dislike and/or hate some of my CotF frame builds, but I find that the fun and complex to build weapons for them help "redeem" otherwise weak MOCs.

I wasn't referring to posing it. I have a similar design on Ekorak, and to be personally, while I love the clean look of having the socket on the body and the balljoint on the arm, it can make the shoulder armor come way up to the neck if the arms are brought straight out.

Huh. Could have sworn the little toe things were technic beams....lemme get a better look.

Ah. I see what's going on there. You have the pin/axle direction converter poking out the front like little toes and from the picture I was going off of, it looked like technic beams. Ah well =P

You're correct here. The little arm cannon lead me to believe he was supposed to be some futuristic robot cop or something like that. Meh.

I give you an extra two points on originality, now that it's explained a bit more.

TOTAL: 39/50


Can you enter two different mocs in two different categories?

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I believe you can.

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You may enter up to five MOCs so long as they all fall into different categories.

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I'll be entering cat3, and maybe cat4, (not that I expect to win, I'm doing it for fun.)

cat3 done, not giant, but definitely the polar opposite of my self moc. wait till you get a look at this thing.

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Something tells me that you may have forgotten my MOC.

here's my entry for cat3(like I said, I don't expect to win, but any excuse to experiment moccing is fine by me.) this took a lot less time than I thought it would.

the opposite of Payinku, Ukniyap

the trans lime green is eyes

and to compare

so she's a makuta hence the robotic shell body, the gun in her right hand flips into a baton,
the left arm transforms from a "minigun" into a long claw arm.
that's it really.


@Payinku @Marendex_T17

I haven't forgotten you, just haven't had much time spare. I've been pretty busy but life is slowing down for the weekend.


realises his self moc is the opposite of his self moc, just not evil