Christmas money: Bionicle sets!

So since my Christmas has just ended, it's time for me to start looking for things to spend all of that money on! Yes, all the money that your relatives gave you because they have no idea what you like. And what do you like if you are on this website in the first place? BIONICLE!!!!
That's right folks, MataNuiNuva has decided to spend his Christmas money on Bionicle since he got no sets for Christmas.

And what Bionicle sets am I looking at to buy, you might ask? Well, I have decided to try to buy at least one of the following:

That's right, I'm going completely Piraka for this Bionicle spree. Yo Yo, Piraka. All that good stuff. Man, I wish there was a Deadpool of Bionicle. Oh wait: there is. VEZON!!!! Maybe I'll get him.

So what Bionicle sets are ya'll gonna buy?


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