Chro [BFU: Drift Force]

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A tablescrappy sketch-MOC to represent Chro’s form in Bionifight Ultimate: Drift Force over on BZP. His weapon is Rhindon, Sword of Ybrus, Blade of Light and Shadow.

Also check out Kejero and Baruka.


I’m not very big on the thighs, they look incredibly skinny. Same goes for the upper arms, but I don’t notice them as mech. The rest of it looks pretty cool.

Very nice! I’ve always thought that a creation’s presentation goes a long way when appealing to viewers. A crisp, clean background really makes a MOC stand out.

I like the simple custom build, and those feet are really nice. Although I haven’t gotten many HF sets, the CCBS has always appealed to me, and you use the HF bones well. The color scheme is very sleek and pleasant to look at, and that sword is looking pretty epic. My only complaint, as Hawkflight said above, are the upper legs, but taking into account the fact that this is a table scrap meant for a roleplay(?) on BZP, this is a great creation.

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@Hawkflight Yes, the thighs and upper arms are very thin - that was intentional. I was aiming for proportions that you might call… I don’t know, cartoony? There’s probably a better word for it. Anyway, thank you!
@LoganDub Thanks! I agree completely about presentation. It’s technically a roleplay, but it’s entirely combat, so there’s less focus on the physical appearance or traits of the character so much as how hard they can hit you. :wink:


Nice. I’ve never really been active on BZP, but I love to role play, so I may show up someday :joy:

May I suggest using him as a character in Era of the Koros or Nynrahn Empire?

@LoganDub It’s extremely fun. Gets super intense sometimes. I like it a lot because, in comparison to most text-based RPG-style games, this one plays like something different, something a lot more fast-paced and exciting… which is great for me, since typical RPGs bore me to pieces. :stuck_out_tongue:
@Verakion What are those?

Can anyone join at any time?

RPs. They’re quite fun.
This is the Nynrahn Empire one
And here is Era of the Koros

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@LoganDub The signups run in three-round cycles; each round lasts one week. Signups for rounds 4-6 will be open next weekend, as round 3 started today.
@Verakion Ah. Regular RPs, it seems? Alright, I’ll take a look, I guess.

Love the odd proportions. Can we get some more pictures so I can have something to complain about?

We are always welcoming of newcomers! Stop by any time! The Era of the Koros is my favorite, personally

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Uh… the back is boring, so I guess that’s a problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw the images on your Flickr (which I frequently stalk, just can’t comment because I don’t have a Flickr and they want my phone number). I really like it, and the cartoony arms and legs are great. Wish the eyes stood out a bit more, as with the regular Chro.

Speaking of regular Chro, is there going to be an update to him soon? I’ve been waiting for it and it hasn’t happened.

Also, red and teal guy. Parts usage there is just…mmmmmm.

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Thanks Ek. (You can register without a phone number, you know.)
I don’t think there’s anything coming any time soon for the normal Chro, but perhaps further in the future there might be.

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Welcome. I’ll try to google how to sign up without a phone number.

He looms eerily similar to my Self-MOC, VoLT-1, in the face area.

it’s a pretty nice looking head design when used correctly

Quite true, but I feel like sometimes it can work better on some MOCs than others. One place (for me, at least) where it seems to be more useful is on slightly-taller-than-toa MOCs, that are going for a more robotic appearance. But, that’s just me.